Mars moves into  the constellation of Arcturus (Swati in Libra, 6.30-20.00) and stays there almost a month. This connects Mars to Rahu and Venus, the planet of action and energy to the planet of desire and to the planet of sensual pleasure, business and material desire. This transit  will  particularly impact Aries, Scorpio and Libra greatly. Luckily Jupiter is there to help Mars stay on track.

Mars is a bit lost in this constellation where communication is valued and the Martian soldier likes to act and communicate later.  Sexual energy has been strong and increases now and the exchange of houses between Mars and Venus, Scorpio and Libra (Parivartana Yoga) increases passion and Mars in Swati increases desire.   This can create a strong sexual attachment in relationships and is a bit at odds with Mars’ innate celibate nature.   The only answer is to channel  this passion into helping others realize their dreams.

Association of Mars with Rahu can create great energy and innovative approaches to taking action and some of that will come out strongly because Jupiter is there.  Still at times, the darker side can easily surface where anger boils up, vindictive or antagonistic behavior can happen, skin allergies and inflammation in the body can happen so make sure to call the fire element with coconut oil and less spicy food.

Jupiter has been supporting the positive side of this constellation in transit and will do so until Dec. 17th and this supports thinking of the needs of others, not being corrupted, seeking harmony in all things, active in spiritual organizations and interested in philosophical thought and skill in business.   When Jupiter leaves, the natural malefic Mars will cause more problems here and the owner of the constellation Rahu is in the enemy sign of Cancer and is not happy. Hence overspending and not being aware of debt can surface, disconnection from family, hidden passion and wild creative ideas that no one can understand may surface.  None of these darker energies bode well for the Christmas season.

The first two padas (sections) of this constellation are a bit easier on Mars.   Pada 1 (Libra 6.40-10.00) Dec. 9-15th is  connected to Sagittarius so it can promote dharma, doing the right thing and the beginning of the spiritual search when dissatisfaction with the latest technological toys begins to way. Time to schedule a meditation retreat and spend more time with spiritual practice.  Pada 2 (Libra 10-13.20) Dec. 16-29 is connected to Capricorn and business expansion and Mars is exalted and will have extra energy for last minute business projects if they can be snuck in with everyone busy with Christmas. Overall good energy here to get through the trials of holiday preparation.

People born in Swati nakshatra have a very material pursuit in life and Venus luxuriates in comfort and Rahu amplifies the desire for materialism.  Eventual dissatisfaction may turn people more toward spirituality depending on other indications in the chart.   Swati’s presiding deity is Vayu the God of wind.    People born in this nakshatra very loyal,intelligent, fair and have ability to serve, they have very balanced personality. Many rich people born in this nakshatra but after attaining wealth and comfort the person is not satisfied from life. They eventually get  tired being pursuing materialistic pleasure and turn to spirituality.

Jupiter saves the day here as Mars and Jupiter are good friends and Mars moves toward conjunction with Mars into January 6th but Jupiter’s strongest influence lasts only until Dec. 16th.

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