What are all the deeper significations of the houses?

If you ever wanted to go into depth about all the physical, emotional and psychological implications of houses and house placements and their spiritual connections to the four aims of life, here is your chance.

New emphasis on practical predictive techniques, psychological and spiritual shadings and discussion of intermediate topics such as Badhaka, Argala and Marana Karaka Sthana, Bhavat Bhavam, Meaning of Signs for for house ownership also covered.

Our aim is always to uncover psychological and spiritual depth in understanding your lives that goes beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The new emphasis on major techniques for predictive purposes, past life karma, psychological development, mythology and remedial remedies connected to house significations will be explored.

Week 1: Innovative  Techniques for House Analysis Part 1: Beyond the Ordinary

(Includes use of nakshatras, argala or hidden psychological bolts, and the navamsha chart, bhavat bhavam, Dagda Rashi, the nature and quality of planetary aspects and their meaning, bhadaka or hidden psychological blocks)

Week 2: Secrets of the 3rd House: Primal Subconscious Patterns

Week 3: Hidden Psychological Blocks for the 7th, 9th, and 11th Houses: The Story of Badhaka.

Week 4: Secrets of the 12th House: Psychological and Physical Retreat or Liberation and Moksha?

Week 5: Dagda Rashi: Shadows and Psychological Blocks from the Panchanga

Bonus Material on Panchanga

Week 6: Secrets of the 4th House:  Family Happiness or Karmic Hell.    

Week 7: Secrets of the  6th and 8th House: Transformation, Transcendence or Sudden Calamity Part 1  

Weeks 8 & 9:  The Money Houses: The 2nd and 11th  House: Family, Money, and Fulfillment of Desires and Income.

The 11th House:  Secrets of Income and Fulfillment of Desires

The 2nd House:  What is our ability to save Money and accumulate Wealth?

Week 10: The Secrets  Relationship and the 7th House: Harmony or  Integration or Death?

Week 11: Review of Moksha House: The Liberation  Houses: 4, 8, 12: Happiness, Transformation, and  Sacrifice: Finding Personal Peace, Transforming it to Attain Universal Freedom.

Secrets of the 8th House Part 2: Transcendence, Death or Transformation?

Week 13: Integration and Review: The  Desire Houses: 3, 7, 11: Finding Personal Happiness, Compromising in Relationship and Moving Toward Societal Desires to Engage in Social Justice.

Introduction to The Dharma Houses: 1, 5, 9:  Solidifying our Identity,  Expressing our Creativity and Moving toward Spiritual Expression toward the Divine

Tape: The Fifth House: Finding Your Passion Through Self-Expression

 Week  14: The First House: The Original Selfie and the Start of it All 

Week 15: The 9th House: Dharma and Good Luck from the Past.

Week 16–Labeled–Week 15 PART 2:   Two Bonus Navamsha Tape

The Artha Houses: Understanding Wealth and Status: Intro

Week -17:  The 10th House and Making Your Mark in the World and the D-10 for Fine-Tuning Career.

Week 18: The 6th House: The Discipline and Dynamics of the 6th House and the Challenges of Everyday Work

Week 19: Summary and Integration:  Putting it All Together.

The Psychological Integration and Growth of the Soul through the 12 Houses.


Because each class is self-sufficient and requires no previous knowledge, it is ok to join in the live class at any time and catch up with previous videos.
Extra Reading Articles, Videotapes and PowerPoints for each lesson come with the course.

Please allow 24-48 PowerPointsr staff to deliver to Dropbox download links to your email.



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