Today is Wednesday, ruled by Mercury the trickster who plays tricks on us to make us laugh.  The Sun/Saturn conjunction has not helped with the laughter and this Mercury retrograde has been a killer for many and will finally come to an end on Friday night. After Friday, it  behaves itself until Jan. 4th when it goes into the gandanta area at the end of Scorpio (27-30 degrees) so we should get a few weeks or relief.   (Need to put up a blog about Mercury retrograde war stories–some of them have been very funny)

Mercury in its own constellation, tries to create boundaries for the intellect. It can create agitation as it seems to move beyond the material world into the spiritual realm that begins with the 9 constellations from Mula to Revati which are considered satvic.

Jyestha means “eldest.” The deity of this constellation is Indra, king of the gods and is connected to rain and the abundance it brings in agricultural wealth. It is very connected to prosperity and Donald Trump has his moon in this constellation. Indra is a bit robust, proud, vain, tricky and undefinable in the puranic stories and its no wonder that the Donald has those qualities. When poorly afflicted, the dark misuse of power, authority and vanity come forth from this constellation.

Jyestha is very concerned about what other people think and they need respect and attention. Again in our material world, this energy can get channeled into excessive headless vanity and show and create mob leaders, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

If your ascendant, sun or moon are in this constellation, you may be prone to moaning and groaning, jealousy and vindictiveness and wanting to put others down. Again “The Donald” comes to mind. When Jyestha is positive and strong, people with this constellation want to help the weak, the helpless and the underprivileged. They protect others.

The gana or type created by this constellation is the Rakshasa or demonic character. Demons are not all bad and that is also true of The Donald in his quest to change out-moded and non-functioning aspects of society so there are good demons. Mercury rules this constellation which give it its deceptive, cunning and childlike nature and reminds us of Donald again.

So relief is on the way.

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