With Venus too close to the Sun now until Feb. 19th, clients are asking about what it means so I have written this article.

At various times of the year, planets in the sky may fall behind the Sun and may not be visible due to the blinding energies of the Sun. This is called combustion or not visible in the sky. This is one of the more difficult events in Vedic astrology particularly when this happens within 2-3 degrees as the significations of the planet are destroyed and the darker energies of the combust planet may arise. If you are born with planetary combustion then when it happens in transit, it is particularly activated. Still if the combust planet is the ruler of your chart, you will always feel a strong impact from the combustion in transit particularly when it is within 2 – 3 degrees. As always there are so many combinations and exceptions.


Conditions of Planetary Combustion
Planet Degree Conditions
Moon Under 12 degrees from the Sun
Mars Under 17 degrees from the Sun
Mercury Under 14 degrees from the Sun and 12 degrees if in Retrograde motion
Jupiter Under 11 degrees from the Sun
Venus Under 10 degrees from the Sun and 8 degrees if in Retrograde motion
Saturn Under 15 degrees from the Sun
Cazimi Conditions  Planets within  40 minutes  of the Sun

In natal charts under 10 degrees is usually a problem but any planet within 1 – 4 degrees is particularly damaged. Then there is the odd case of Cazimi from Medieval astrology where a planet within 40 minutes of the Sun goes into the heart of the Sun and is very energized by it in a positive way.  We have a case for that in transit on Jan. 8th with Sun conjunct Venus which can be rather powerful and we have written about it.

However there are a few parameters for natal charts which are known as saving factors for the planet. Sometimes a planet can perform very well in the horoscope if there are other ameliorating factors. These include:

  1. If combust, a planet is occupying its own or exaltation sign in the horoscope.
  2. If combust planet is getting a strong benefic aspect from Jupiter,Mercury or Venus.
  3. If combust planet is sitting in the house where it gets directional strength like Mercury and Jupiter in the 1st house, Moon and Venus in the 4th house, Saturn in the 7th house and Mars and Sun in the 10th
  4. If combust planet is exalted and well placed in divisional charts (Specially in D-9 & D-60).
  5. If combust planet is retrograde in horoscope. This will require a whole article but usually only applies to retrograde Mercury and Venus.
  6. Note: When Rahu or Ketu are in conjunction with the Sun by close degree such as a similar case of ‘combustion,’ they create a eclipse and block the Suns energy.


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