So the transits of the ascendant lord are the most important for gauging what issues will come up in your life and they are always contextual to the larger cycles or dashas that you are running.  Here is a quick guide by rising sign to key events this year for Libra and Taurus rising, owned by Venus that will impact you. For more details, see our Vedic Astrological Almanac and Transit Guide for 2018:

The best transits of the year for Venus this year are in Capricorn,  Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Libra.  Venus stays in Libra for 5 months from September into the of the end of the year.  Here are a few highlights in abbreviated form from our Almanac.  Hence March, May and Sept.-Dec. will be very strong months for Venus ruled signs like Libra and Taurus.


Ketu afflicts Venus during this transit so it is a bit more difficult and the January 31st eclipse will be close to it.  In general, Venus in Capricorn showers material pleasure on its friend Saturn. If you have this position in your natal chart (like I do) it can create loyal and mature love, conventional marriage and supports the underdog and the poor.  This is a good month to find a good massage therapist, take an exercise class that sculpts your body or to shop for new clothes. Building a beautiful new business, website or publishing a book seems like a perfect activity this month for this transit as Venus there will be support from superiors and authorities.  Venus in Capricorn should be quite successful with adjusting fortunes coming from the influence of Ketu that could lead to conceptual breakthroughs in the areas of work and business, especially religion, ethics and higher education. Relationships with father, bosses and superiors could also take a turn for the better and foreign travel could be enlightening with innovative learning opportunities.

Venus conjunct Ketu in Capricorn January 29th at 18:06 EDT  

When Venus is afflicted in Aquarius, it can create delays or setbacks in relationships, love for lost causes, unconventional relationships, reproductive complications, sexual imbalances and dysfunctional partners. If you have this in your natal chart or have Venus conjunct Ketu or Mars in your natal chart or are running a Venus/Rahu or Venus/Ketu or Venus/Mars period or some combination like that you might feel this transit more intensely.

Venus will transit within 3 degrees of Ketu the South node, the fiery and spiritual monkish planet, January 27 – February 1st. If you were born with this combination, it can create unresolved past life relationships that are unhappy or painful. You may attract spiritual or emotional partners with a lot of baggage and you may change partners frequently or may reject partners for fear of being rejected yourself.

For Libra rising, the Ketu transit conjunct Venus will upset family life and create difficulties with mother or create unexpected problems with vehicles or problems in he home as a 4th house transit of the chart lord.  For Taurus rising, it will bring up unexpected problems with 9th house matters like trips to foreign countries, problems with one’s father, Guru, or religious leaders. Those running a Venus maha dasha will feel it more strongly.


Venus enters Pisces:  March 1st at 01:12 EDT

Conjunct Mercury March 4th at 13:04
Venus moves into her sign of exaltation on March 1st until March 26th. In Pisces, Venus, the ruler of women and relationships, brings out love, harmony, creativity, beauty and artistry. Mercury, the ruler of communication and the link between mind and spirit, brings out deep intelligence, learning, and ingenuity. This conjunction will blend the mind with pleasures. We can expect a more imaginative or creative side of business with fresh, original ideas. This is also a good time for writers and musicians to feel their creativity expand and they could also receive more public recognition.

Venus is a Guru planet in its own right and has an important role in materializing the spiritual essence of the human being and brings spirituality into the material world and in esoteric astrology it allows men to aspire after spiritual immortality and learn graceful manners, calmness, endurance, sociability and love of the arts. It is connected to wealth and Lakshmi, poetry, beautiful clothes, fine arts and music.

Venus is the teacher of the demons and is the best of the benefics and seeks to bring spirituality to us after creating material abundance. While often connected to beauty and the senses, it is also a great teacher and like Jupiter has its own depth of wisdom. Looking forward to this conjunction with the high energy and teaching capabilities to soothe troubled souls and seething angers and maybe Venus will bring more peace to the planet the next few months. Let’s hope so!

The communicative support of Mercury will assist Venus and women during this transit to be more prominent in the spotlight spreading their messages. So write and publish that book! If you are working on a course, get out in front of an audience and start teaching! Now is the time to be heard and seen!

If you are Taurus rising, this is a really great time for you with an 11th house transit of your ascendant lord as it brings great new friends, fulfillment of desires and strong income.

Venus enters Taurus: April 19th at 16:38 EDT

Venus will be very strong in the sky in Taurus for a month and totally unafflicted so Venus’s strong qualities come out. If you are Taurus or Libra rising or have a strong Venus in your chart, its a good time for feeling expansive, refined, pleasant, comfortable, kind, generous, artistic, strong in relationship skills.  Taurus brings the blessings of Krishna and Shiva and is one of the more material signs of abundance. This transit with Venus in its own sign creates a Malavya Yoga for Taurus rising and indicates the highest manifestation of Venus’s qualities so it is a good time to enjoy good food, the arts, and home while pursuing partnerships and romance. Finances will be good. It is a time to feel at home and to move forward solidly in your life with lots of Grace.

Libra rising will experience an 8th house transit of Venus in its own sign and this is a time for personal transformation and unexpected money coming from lotteries, insurance or other unexpected sources. Meditation and spiritual experience could be powerful and so a good time to take a spiritual retreat and withdraw from the senses.


For a complete summary of all of Venus’s transits and aspects for the year with interpretation, see our Vedic Astrological Almanac and Transit Guide for 2018.  Do not count on our Facebook column for longer article anymore as we will doing more social media snippets and material not included in our book.


In Part 3, we will summarize Mercury  owned sign highlights for the year for Gemini and Virgo.

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