Sun entered Capricorn: January 14th at 03:16 EST

The Sun moved into Capricorn on January 14th, and is a bit afflicted in transit with a Ketu conjunction into February 3rd contributing to the January 31st total lunar eclipse.

Saturn and Sun are enemies and the eclipse in the sign of Capricorn may contribute to health issues for Leos with this 6th house transit and Capricorns are also vulnerable.

The Sun is afflicted in Capricorn and one may feel that one has not done enough, overworks, and this can create self-centeredness, skepticism, and lack of humor. It may lead to poor circulation, cold hands and feet and problems with the adrenals. This is a 6th house transit for Leos but the affliction may create too much fire energy or pitta so stay patient and cool down with coconut water. Be careful with getting into too much debt. The January 28 – February 6th period before and after the eclipse with the conjunction to Ketu may bring up past regrets but it may lead to some loss of status or reputation. It can bring it up problems with ones father or lead to issues around rejection that needs to be healed.

As we move into the end of the month, use  the difficult eclipse time if you are Leo or Cancer rising to heal and transform the past emotional guilt and rejection.

Aries does well the first few weeks of this transit with a 10th house transit of the Sun for recognition and possible promotion at work if other factors are present in your main dashas.  Scorpios also do well this transit as it is a 3rd house transit of the Sun promoting courage to move through challenges connected to work.   Aquarius rising may have the most trouble with this transit as it is a 12th house transit of the Sun and could lead to loss of status  or having a difficult time with relationships at work.  Remember to be humble at work and not fight with your boss.

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