My orientation with work is to help you see the emotional and psychological strings that are running your life. The planets impact our thoughts and emotions most and if we understand what is happening, we do not have to buy into the self-deprecation of Saturn or the rashness and anger of Mars. We can catch the thoughts as they manifest, observe them, and banish them.

Back in the 80’s I used to tell Saturn that he could go, that I did not need have his  fear and I would feel a sigh of relief. We are more powerful than the planets if we are regular in our meditation and spiritual practices and we can be a master and not a victim. Astrology was never intended to strike fear into our hearts or  make us very stuck.   Jyotish means light and the light of knowledge should free us from the grip of our thoughts and emotions but we have to be aware and observe.

I  find that astrology gets misused very much. Sometimes on the Western circuit, it becomes a media type-play to expect the next catastrophe. This week we have Mars conjunct Uranus and some unexpected violence, accident or fire will flare up but it will only impact your chart if you are in a malefic Mars period or if the transit is impacting a key area of your chart and you have that karma to work out. Eventually in 5 years, even if it does manifest, you will see it as a blessing.

I find that the astrology will bring up lessons and tendencies for us to learn and if we get it right, we may not have to suffer but if we are oblivious to the signals, then we get a hard hit.

My own sense is that Jyotish throws “light” on our shadows and helps us remove the “self-blame” and the “self-shame.” If we can see that the puppet master is pulling the strings on our emotions and thought, then we can step back and stop blaming ourselves.

This can create a moment of Zen observation that enlightens us to see that we are not thoughts or emotions or ego. In a sense, this is a Gyana technique to free ourselves from the bondage that normally grips us. I have used this technique daily for years to create freedom because I know when the shadow will pass and what is causing it. I still have to do the work on myself but I can be kinder to myself and not beat myself up as much.

In the end, for those on a spiritual path, Vedic astrology can create a deep transcendence and shed light on difficult situations. If we use that light to eliminate our shadows, we are can have immense growth. I suspect that ultimately, I lean toward spiritual practice as a way to get through life without digging up the muddy waters. Focused attention on spiritual life and doing good for others gives us an opportunity to increase our awareness. If we let our mind concentrate on something more positive than the regrettable past and allow ourselves to live in the present moment with more joy and presence, we will experience a higher quality of life.


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Product Description:

Over 360 pages of useful information

(Not a Panchanga or daily calendar but articles and interpretations)

This book in PDF format (e-book) and is downloadable and includes:

  • General political and economic overviews of the year and guide to major events and key challenging points for the year.
  • General articles teaching what retrogrades, combustion, planetary aspects, dashas and eclipses mean.
  • Guide to Saturn in Sagittarius including individual guides for your rising and moon signs.
  • Guide to Jupiter in Libra including individual guides for your rising and moon sign. Jupiter in Scorpio.
  • Guide to Rahu and Ketu in Cancer and Capricorn including individual guides for your rising and moon sign.
  • Major General Guide for Interpreting Planetary Dashas when the planet is strong or afflicted.
  • Information on 2018 Eclipses and impacts.
  • Articles and Interpretation of Major Transits of Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter through all the major signs and connecting them to your rising sign.
  • Listings of Full Moons, New Moons and Major Planetary Conjunctions and Oppositions.
  • Lists of Planetary Nakshatra Transit Dates.
  • List of Planetary Retrograde Dates and Explanation
  • Periods of Planetary Combustion and Explanation
  • Articles about Planetary Aspects and Major aspects of the Year.
  • Dates for Kala Sarpa Yoga in Transits.
  • Major theoretical and astrological articles.
  • Guide to Sade Sat: The Hidden Insights into What it Means and How to Calculate.
  • Articles about Major Vedic Holidays.
  • Six major articles on Saturn.
  • Discussion of Neptune and Uranus and impact on Mundane Astrology.

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