Mercury moves into Aquarius on Wednesday February 14th, and is weak in degrees for a day on Feb. 14th on the day ruled by Mercury  creating more nervousness, worry, out-of-step thinking or being stuck in small details. The transit this month a bit afflicted as Mercury gets hit by Saturn in aspect on February 21th  and a partial eclipse of the Sun on Feb. 15th.  As Mercury moves farther away from Saturn, it will increase in power.  It also gets squared by  Mars in Scorpio on Feb. 28th and gets a trinal aspect from Jupiter into March 2nd.   It also benefits from being in the same sign with Venus. Let’s say it’s a complicated month for Virgo and Gemini rising signs and Gemini moons and people with a lot of malefic natal chart planets in Aquarius like Rahu, Saturn, Mars or Ketu.

Mercury crosses the eclipse point on Feb. 17th at 4 degrees Aquarius and that can trigger intense energy and communication and business issues that seem intense and may feel heavy and depressing for Virgos and Geminis.  The conjunction with the Sun into Feb. 17th will create a very busy mind that seems a bit overwhelming with excessive thoughts and anxiety so make sure to get your yoga and meditation.

Always troubling is the Mars square to Mercury into Feb. 28th which will have a strong influence the week of Feb. 25-March 2nd and this can lead to arguing and anger and one always to be careful of the other guy on the road during this time as accidents can happen if we stay too caught up in thinking about angry conversations or having disputes in the car. If have to fight, pullover and do it in a restaurant or off the road.

Mars in Mercury’s constellation of Jyestha (Scorpio 16.40-29.59) and Mercury in Mars’s constellation of Dhanisha (Capricorn 23.40-Aquarius 6.40) will create an exchange of fixed stars between Mars and Mercury until Feb. 17th. This will also increase tendency to argue and debate so the above guidelines are also in order.

The Saturn aspect on Mercury into Feb. 21st  creates loss of the big picture, obsessive behavior, being too detailed, being stubborn, distracted and minor depression. The Cobra pose helps balance Mercury and the plank pose can energize Mercury and help it though this energy March 19-23rd when this impact is strongest.  Meditation will help focus and keep you from being scattered or negative thinking. Even a shoulder stand may help get you out of a troubled head but of course do these poses with the care and aid of a good yoga instructor if you do not know them. Definitely a month to stay on top of your meditation routine.

Jupiter finally comes to the rescue with a trinal aspect into March 2nd which creates skilled speaking and writing, deep insights, luck with publications  and wisdom in business and support for childhood education. Still have to be cautious about being too lazy and missing good opportunities.

Geminis and Virgos will be most affected by this transit because it is a 6th house transit for Virgos, which can bring up illness or problems with enemies or debt. Geminis fare a bit better with it being a 9th house transit of the ascendant lord spurring them on to spiritual journeys, issues with their fathers or Gurus or religious activity but the first part of the transit is more afflicted. Taurus and Libras will do best with this transit.

Stay on top of computers and electronics this month with so many influences on Mercury and Aquarius and make sure to be redundant with communications as you may be misunderstood at times during the month causing problems.

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