EYE ON THE SKY Saturn in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra : MARCH 3RD

March – June 4th and November 28 – April 2019

Saturn has been very difficult in transit this winter as we have been discussing it this past week at the end of the constellation of Mula (10.00-13.20). I thought it would be time to look forward and look for a lift in the intense action with Saturn moves into a new constellation and give us some welcome relief.

Saturn enters the constellation of Purva Ashadha nakshatra (13.20 Sagittarius-26.40) on March 3rd, 2018 and stays there for 3 months and then returns there in late November until April 2019. This constellation is Saturn in Purva connected to Venus, a friend, and finally gives some relief from the intensity of Mula nakshatra, which has been going on much too long.
Saturn will now channel the sweet energy of Venus supporting mature relationships and the creation of material art and has more wisdom from the energy of Sagittarius. When Venus is strong in transit, exalted in Pisces March 2 – 26th, 2018, and in Taurus, April 20 – May 14th, there will be a lot of positive synergy between Venus and Saturn.

Saturn and Venus are friends and when Venus spends much of the spring in positive signs like Pisces, Taurus and Gemini, the connection with the nakshatra relationship can create durability in relationships, business and technical abilities, hard work, benefits from agriculture and technology, love of older things and people and care of the poor. It can support beauty in the body, love of massage and exercise and mature artistic creativity that will come through labored-hard work so it will be a good time to start that sculpture or get back into ceramics or making beautiful jewelry.
When afflicted in transit with the Venus is in Aries March 26 – April 18, the darker side of the connection may come out with a desire to shun sensual experience, delays in marriage, dismissal of the joys of luxury, feeling unworthy of luxury and wealth or finding difficult relationships with older partners.
Saturn, even though friends with Venus, still afflicts the constellation in transit and may bring out the more challenging qualities of not being open to advise, taking low-paying jobs that require hard-work, attracting incompetent managers, creating aloofness from people and at the same time being more coarse in one’s personality.
When Venus is strong in transit the constellation as when it is exalted in Pisces and in Taurus in the spring, it may support devotion to friends, popularity, courage, wealth, love of good food, intelligence and steadiness with some happiness at work. Overall the transit of Saturn in this constellation will allow one to develop one’s talents and draw on Saturn’s wisdom and life experience in times of challenge. This transit will offer an opportunity to connect with elders in a loving way so a good time to visit elderly parents and mentors and enjoy their company.

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