As Saturn moves toward conjunction with Mars into April 2nd, it becomes more impatient and afflicted. The tendency is to grumble and complain.  Mars/Saturn associations can create strikes in the populace as frustration builds around work and not being treated fairly.

The tendency is to complain with Saturn.  So often it is about work because Saturn governs work and it is such a larger part of our life.   Chances are if there were no problems at work, you would not have a job.  Be grateful the ever-constant series of problems at work.  Some people do not have a job.  Saturn rejoices in hard work, responsibility and doing the job with a stoic attitude.  Do not waste energy complaining–most of us have to work and we have to decide whether to do it with joy or with an attitude of an anvil sitting on our head.

There is a whirlpool of emotional churning going on as deep emotional patterns come up to be purified with Mars in early Sagittarius until March 31st in Ketu’s constellation of Mula. The energy is up for change so that one can move into a   s higher spiritual realm.   I have noticed more complaining on my part and hearing it from many others. When Saturn is out of balance it sees everything wrong with the world. Pity-party.

No one enjoys listening to someone complain for hours and in fact it is exhausting for your own energy and leads to hopelessness and frustration. It is very unconscious and we have to become conscious of it otherwise we will wear-out our friends and family members.

Grumbling is replaced easily by gratitude as an anecdote.  When you go to bed at night, write down or reflect on  5 good things that happened to you that day. Maybe someone smiled at you or your child told you they loved your or your dog licked your face.  There is always something wonderful.  The mind however, finds one bad thing and blows it up 100 fold and exaggerates it into a typhoon.  Yes, there are problems and they are real but we neglect basic things in our life.  Do we have a nice home that keeps us warm?  The homeless do not.  Do we have two eyes that can see the beauty of this world?  Some people are less fortunate.  Do we have a loving partner?  Many do not.  Focus on what works in your life and be happy and grateful.  Catch yourself before you pour out your problems on some undeserving friend for an hour.

Saturn is hard at work trying to make you miserable and focusing on the lack.  Turn the energy to the Divine and Jupiter and replace lack with gratitude, replace fault-finding with praise.  Do this exercise and you will get through an intense period of Saturn.

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