There was some confusing and debating about my transit articles in recent blogging.  I agree that transits are always understood within the context of the major cycles or dashas that are running but if one is writing a general article for the public about mass psychology or major emotional impacts from transits, then there is a broader general influence.   Everyone will notice Mercury retrograde and its impact but some charts will be impacted more.  In order to be meaningful to so many individuals, we have to be broad and general.   Our intent is never to strike fear or worry into anyone’s hearts but to create awareness of how the planets are pulling your emotional and psychological strings. If you know the influence, you can dismiss it and not get gripped by it.

Still for those who do not know much about how natal chart timing works with Transits, here is a quick guide:

  1. There are multiple levels of applying transits to your chart. First, 80% of timing is connected to the planetary period you are in. If your period is good, a bad transit may be a bump but if it is a bad period and you get a bad transit it can be amplified.
  2. With transits, the most impact comes if there is a direct interaction with another natal planet in your chart.
  3. Let’s look at an example from the Mars/Ketu conjunction in 2017.
  4. The Mars/Ketu conjunction was at 12 degrees of Aquarius so if you had key planets from 9 – 15 degrees Aquarius, like other malefics, it will have more of an impact, particularly if it is your natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant or another key malefic like Saturn or Rahu.
  5. The dasha cycle or planetary period running is 80% of timing and transits are 20%. If you are currently running a Ketu/Mars period or Mars/Ketu then the impact of that transit would be more intense or if you are running a Rashi Dasha for Aquarius, you will be more aware of feeling the effects.
  6. Ninety-degree aspects to the same planets in Taurus at 9 – 15 degrees, Leo at 9 – 15 degrees or Scorpio at 9 – 15 degrees in your natal chart could also be more dramatic.
  7. If the two are both, dasha and transit, happening at the same time it is a double hit and something major may happen but it would depend on what house is being hit and what rising sign you are and then you might need remedial measures like mantras, Yagyas or be more alert and careful.  You should consult a professional astrologer.
  8. If you have a signature of Mars/Ketu in your natal chart then when it happens in transit, it is more significant.

The mind tends to take 20% of our fear and exaggerate it. Fear is false evidence appearing to be real, and 99% of what we fear may happen, does not occur. You are safe and intimately taken care of by the Divine, so do not be afraid.

Karma can be averted through meditation, service work, charity, and awareness. Getting caught up and apprehensive about major events that might happen based on planetary significations in the sky is not useful.

My work is not meant to scare you but rather make you aware of the influences of the puppeteer planets and how they impact your mind and emotions by pulling on your “strings.” This is the illusion or ‘Maya.’

Meditation, yoga and service to others will help you move beyond the noise of your emotions created by the planets and moved you beyond the Maya and into personal empowerment.

Based on our experiences, interpretations and perceptions of life events, we automatically judge our adventures as good or bad but all the events that happen in our life are for our growth. Jupiter teaches us by experience, that we should re-label these “challenges” and understand that they provide a chance to learn, expand and grow.

Mars/Ketu which will impact certain people more  this summer strongly between June-August if you are Aries Rising, Scorpio Rising or have a lot of planets in Capricorn or Cancer but some people may not notice it very much but everyone will feel the anger and intensity that it creates just because Mars governs the adrenals and when afflicted it can produce strong intense bouts of anger.

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