The Sun transited into the the constellation of Shatabhisha  on Monday.  This star in Western astronomy is know as Gamma Aquarri and is located at 6.40-Aquarius to 20.00 Aquarius in the zodiac.  This constellation  is ruled by Rahu the North Node.   Mercury and Venus are also transiting this constellation and we will write more abou them later in the week.

Prash Trivedi notes that Shatabhisha means the 100 physicians and symbolizes the empty circle representing the void of creation, the circle of maintenance and dissolution. The main deity is Varuna, the lord of the Oceans and is connected to magical herbs and in the darkest sense to intoxicants. At its highest level, this star is connected to Shiv, the lord of ascetics and its highest level and desire is to dissolve into the infinite ocean although sometimes the darker aspect of this constellation seeks to do this through drugs and intoxicants.

This constellation is connected with secrecy and invention and discovery. In its reclusive, solitary and eccentric state, deep inventive energies can rise up and deep mystical secrets can rise to the surface. Western astrologers connect these qualities with Aquarius and the Uranian energies and they are very much a part of this constellation. The energies of this nakshatra seek truth.   It is the most satvic of the Rahu-based nakshatras in energy and can lead to deep healing and self-inquiry.  When it is connected to beneficts,  it is more sattvic, it strives to merge with the unbounded quality of the Divine.

This constellation is connected to  Rakshasas which are sometimes known as demons but in modern psychology we need to reevaluate them.  This  which means they  seeks independence and wants to be eccentric but it is not evil but it seems to break through attachments and normal conventions.  It brings out major rebellion energy against societal norms to transform out-moded societal norms.

It is highly philosophical, socially active and humanitarian in its nature. It forces us to breakdown all boundaries of race, age, status, nationality and religion and usher in a feeling of oneness with humanity.

If you were born between Feb. 19-March 4th, you might be an unreliable person caught between the shadows and the light.  You may be very self-critical and unable to live up to your standards leading to self-loathing regarding your weaknesses.  This transit and the recent eclipse may stir up this energy even more and so it will be important to be kind to yourself the next two weeks and not stir up the demons.

This is a time for deep healing and if you fail to face your demons and succumb to addictive patterns, you could be for a dark journey the next few weeks. It will  be important to go for the light and do your spiritual practices and go for the deep healing.

Remember this is a quest to annihilate the ego and will require deep healing work to be done. Good time over the rest of the year to take a long meditation retreat for a week to merge with the divine otherwise, the mind may seem plagued.

Again, charts are very individual and we do not ever want to stereotype people by sign but sometimes its a way of putting one’s finger right away on a core problem for the person’s entire life.

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