March begins with a shift into the spiritual sign of Pisces with Mercury and Venus moving in there on March 2nd and the Sun moving in there into March 14th.   All three will be aspected by Rahu later in the month from Cancer.   Pisces offers us relief from the suffering and intensity of Aquarius. It is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac connected to the 12th house and desire to transcend the planet and reach Moksha or enlightenment so a good month to go on spiritual retreats, take a meditation class or do spiritual or philosophical reading.  Pisces, owned by Jupiter will soften the hard edges of Saturn and Rahu from Aquarius and beckons us to forgive the difficult past two months.

March is one of the better months of the year with Venus moving into exaltation in Pisces March 2nd until March 26th and this uplifts relationships, buying, energy and overall ease and comfort for all. Venus is generally unafflicted in transit here so one of the better months for a return to ease and comfort and expansion.

Mercury goes into Pisces March 2nd until early May  and this means that Virgos have to work three times as  hard on relationship issues and Gemini rising three times as hard to get status at work. There will be glitches in communication now for a few months.  Still Venus cancels out the debilitation in March and makes creative writing and song creation a joy.  On March 22nd,  Mercury will turn retrograde and will resume direct motion on 15th of April in its debilitated sign of Pisces. The good news is that the retrograde motion can cancel out the debilitation but Mercury does not do well in Pisces as it needs logic, pragmatism and clear thinking and not to be caught up in spiritual idealism. If you are Gemini or Virgo, make sure that you get back to your logical and rational mind during the long transit of Mercury in Pisces until early May.

Saturn moves into Venus’s nakshatra of Purva Ashadha (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40) March 3-June 6
and this will really uplift Saturn’s energy and make-work more successful and smoother and finally lift the veil of Mula and regrets of the past.  Saturn will get a relief  from the wisdom and suffering that many of us  gained during it’s stay in dreaded yet spiritual nakshatra of Mula.  Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is a very courageous star and good for confronting enemies and fighting for prevailing injustices in the society in general.  Fighting against social injustice may increase with this transit as the Sagittarius fire and adventure and quest to support religious values and fundamentals may get activated.  The constellation supports social activism and particularly helping the poor and common people so we wonder if the Democratic party will suddenly get its act together for the Midterm election and come up with a solid platform to help the working people of America.  The dismal winter of Saturn in Mula will come to an end and bring hope and patience and to the masses.  The first section of the transit is the Leo Pada (Sagittarius 10-13.20) which is connected to the Sun and dharma and fighting for  just causes.

Jupiter goes retrograde on March 8th and Mars moves into Sagittarius that day. While very expansive that week for getting a lot done and feeling great with the Jupiter station, you will have to get ready for delays in marketing and expansion for the next 4 months.  Get your marketing and expansion projects going in full gear before Jupiter retrograde as they will get delayed otherwise so use the extra energy over the next few weeks to make a big push.

Mars moves in Sagittarius on March 7th and  will first be in Mula Nakshatra ruled by Ketu March 7- March 30 forcing Aries and Scorpio rising to deal with past regrets and cleaning up the past
and moving toward deeper spiritual experience.  So Scorpio will and Aries rising will not feel as much relief as Capricorn and Aquarius rising from the Saturn move as Mula will seem even more present. With Mars in a separate constellation from Saturn, the impact of the April 2nd conjunction will probably
not be felt strongly until March 27th when they get closer together.

Mars in Ketu’s nakshatra can be violent and explosive and the 9/11 attacks happened with a Mars/Ketu conjunction in that constellation in 2001.  This impact is not as bad but Ketu is in Saturn’s sign and Saturn is there in Sagittarius so violence and war energy can be explosive energy.  Do not repress your entry or anger here but channel it into service, activism  and charity work to get it moving and express its highest energy. Mars in Mula’s nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) can bring spiritual awakenings so time for Scorpio rising and Aries rising to take spiritual retreats or go on a spiritual pilgrimage .  Saturn increases the air element or Vata with Mars so there will be a rush to get things done to quickly so slow things down or risk frustration and delay if people cannot go as fast as you can.

The Vedic New Year starts March 17th with the New Moon and that day will imprint the yearly future
for the world. We have written about this year in our Almanac.

Venus moves into Aries on March 26th and then into conjunction with Uranus on
March 28th and usually the shift from Pisces to Aries for Taurus and Libra rising
is rather dramatic after the energetic high of the past month.  Be prepared for a let-down in March expansive energy.

We end the month with deep frustration as Mars moves toward conjunction with Saturn into April 2nd. Control your anger and use exercise to let out frustrations from delays.  If y0u are Aries or Scorpio rising, plan for delays or you will easily be thrown of balance.  Use Saturn’s wisdom to make good decisions and be patient or you will be miserable.

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