The 27 lunar constellations in the zodiac (each being 13.20 minutes) form more of a  richer tapestry of ancient astrological knowledge than we might imagine.  Naksha in Sanskrit means getting closer and Tra means to preserve.   The two words taken together thus mean one that never decays.  Western astrologers use the word “fixed stars”  that we are familiar with like Antares in Scorpio or major constellations like Orion which straddles Taurus and Gemini and is know in the Vedic system as Mrigashira.

Nakshatras influence the mind everyday because the moon transits through one constellation of the zodiac daily over a month  and hence they impact are daily struggles for peace and calmness.   Due to the complex mental matrix that we are born with from the connections of the stars and the complex interaction of transits connecting new matrices in zodiac, our mind encounters daily complex emotional interactions of chaos and sorrow that moves us on the evolutionary path in search of happiness. The fixed nature of our birth stars and the planets in them at birth are cosmic guardians of our soul that propel our evolution through lifetimes of Karma and they transmit specific patterns to our mind to propel us toward Enlightenment or Self-Realization.

The key with the Nakshatras is learning to understand the mental noises that are influencing us and how to filter them out and understand them so that we are not victimized by past karmic patterns.

Vedic astrology is microscopic and it is like reading strands of DNA.  We started our astrological journey understanding Sun signs  and the influence on the 12 signs.  Every sign has 2 and ½ constellations  and thus planets in constellations give us more microscopic personality traits.  Each constellation has 4 sections or padas and each section connects the planet to the four aims of life, kama or pleasure, moksha or our quest for liberation, artha or our quest for wealth and status and dharma or our quest to protect and defend and advance society.  Each ½ degree has an impulse of intelligence know as a Deva that also transmits karmic information from past lives that pervades and influences our lives. (known as Shatiamsha)

While we are fascinated by just how revealing planets in signs are, on a micoscopic level Vedic astrology allows us to go much deeper. It  allow us to  connect the planet to our life path  and a planet connected to a certain impulse of intelligence on the deva level.    It is really like reading strands of DNA and is particularly revealing when we do this microscopic analysis on our moon, our ascendant, our Sun and how we impact the outer world, our Atmakaraka or the planet with the highest number of degrees in our chart that governs our soul’s journey.

The nakshatras form a complex matrix or web of influences that often trace back to a core planet or constellation.  For example, my rising constellation is Anuradha ruled by Saturn  and Saturn located in my 12th house and  is exalted in Libra in a constellation called Vishahka (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in my 8th house stationary in the constellation of Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20).  Hence my rising sign and the planet ruling my soul trace back to Jupiter.

Saturn is also my Atmakaraka or planet that governs my soul’s destiny. Hence  my soul’s purpose are very connected to teaching 8th house knowledge of transcendence and astrology. The constellation of Purnavasu is the Universal mother who guides us toward the divine light and helps us  convey the higher planes of existence and bring them into earthly life and help people on their quest for Truth.  Jupiter is in the Taurus Pada which is a Pushkara pada of creativity which is a healing section of the constellation and brings calmness and constructive behavior to my counseling.  As an Artha pada connected to material existence it has moved me into being more practical in my counseling around finance and enhanced relationship skills. The deva connected to Jupiter is Nirmala which is connected with being pure, truthful and free of bad qualities.    So you can see how you can get more microscopic in analyzing anyone’s DNA.

Nakshatras are very useful for prediction so in Part 2 we will look at the basics of Tarabala and how the nakshatras counted from your moon and your rising sign and your dasha lord can reveal very deep insights into your nature and predicting what is happening in your life.  In Part 3 we will look at Special Nakshatra counts like the 4th nakshatra from your rising sign or moon, called Jati Nakshatra which connects us to our life style and life path.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Sanjay Rath for their teaching and knowledge on the Nakshatras.

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