Mars enters Sagittarius: March 7th

MARS IN MULA:  (Sagittarius 0-13.20) MARCH 8 – MARCH 30TH

Mars went into Sagittarius on March 7th and stays there until May 3rd. This is a difficult transit because Mars will be moving toward conjunction with Saturn into April 2nd and will be in a planetary war with Saturn April 1-3rd. The good news is that the two planets are in different nakshatras or constellations until March 31st but the first part of the transit is through the difficult but very spiritual constellation of Mula, where Saturn had just spent about 4 months.

Mars with first connect to Ketu in Mula Nakshatra, March 8-30th because of the transit through Ketu’s nakshatra and it will channel Ketu’s energy. On a personal level, the connection between Mars and Ketu means that you cannot let anger be repressed or it will explode in a verbal or physical attack. Exercise is a good way to work of this energy but also just let it out by screaming in your empty house. Continue to be 100% focused when doing physical activity and driving as unexpressed anger can rear its ugly head.

Stay alert, let the energy out and use to help others in need. The warrior pose in yoga is a good balance pose for activating the third eye nakshatra and alertness in activity.

For Aries rising and Scorpio rising and Aries Sun and Moon signs,  you will be most affected by this transit and it can increase intuition and for Aries rising, it can increase spirituality and a desire
to go inward and withdraw from the world. If you do not have the luxury for long meditation courses or being a recluse, then you will have to get your active button in gear.

Prash Trivedi notes that Mula consists of nine stars at the end of Scorpio and is the place of the center of the galaxy, which Western Astrologers are fond of calling the Galactic Center as that wonderful part of the sky that looks like a white river in the night sky.  Mars is conjunct the Galactic Center March 13-15th and we have noted that this can be connected to whistle blowers coming forward so watch the news next week.

Trivedi goes onto to note that Mula means “root” or “the center” and people who have a sun, moon or ascendant lord in this constellation are very direct and do not like to beat around the bush. This is the core of the galaxy and it is ruled by Ketu who wants to get to the core of everything: hidden motives, events, core roots. Ketu is connected to past lives and Mula wants to tie up all the talents from
one’s past lives and bring them together. It seeks deeply for the truth of existence.

The deity of Mula is Nritti, the Goddess of calamity and yet she resides in the lucky sign of Sagittarius which mythical means she may destroy ignorance to reveal deep truths. Ironically, Nritti is connected to the peak of material achievement and yet the nature of this nakshatra is very spiritual in her quest to go beyond the domain of ego and self-centeredness. I will be interested to see if our politicians change with this transit. This star can give power and influence and great material accomplishment and can confer
magical powers but often it releases its energy in an explosive manner–which is so true of Ketu.

Connected to the sign of Sagittarius where beliefs and fundamentalism can fester, the Mars/Ketu connection is a problem through the mental energy channeled from the nakshatras. The 9/11 disasters occurred during the Ketu/Mars conjunction in this constellation. Hence it has a dreadful nature in bringing out the most explosive and darkest side of Ketu, which means blowing up the material can point and force one to the spiritual. Adolf Hitler had Jupiter conjunct Ketu in this nakshatra without any balancing influence from Saturn and he was the embodiment of destruction. Lets hope the terrorists are not emboldened in their quest during this transit but this was exactly what happened during 9/11.

Mula combines the energy of Jupiter and Ketu and hence it initiates spiritual transformations for the better. With Jupiter’s grace it can confer magical powers to help those in need with Grace.

On the positive side, Mars is favorable placed in Sagittarius and this can lead to jumping on
opportunities, expanded knowledge, wealth, leadership, and becoming a spiritual warrior for charitable causes.  The positive side will come out more after April 15-May 3rd as Mars moves away from Saturn.

The negative side will dominate before them with over-ambition, speaking the truth and hurting other’s feelings, problems with debt and legal issues, impatience, problems with children and fantacism. Be aware before you speak over the next month so as not to hurt others with your sharp tongue.

The highest aspect of this transit is moving into ones’ spiritual warrior energy and doing service for humanity without ego. It can foster pride and strength and speaking the truth. There some dangers from fire or electricity or surgery if you are running a Mars/Ketu or Ketu/Mars cycle for some ascendants.


The problem with this transit is that Mars is afflicted with fellow malefic planet,  with an exact conjunction on April 2nd. This transit brings out the darker psychological qualities in one may want to do things too quickly and may drive others away with their high intensity, hurting others feelings, manipulation and rabble rousing. On a positive note, Mars and Saturn can do well here with a
lot of activity and physical activity, which makes them good at jobs involving aggression, risks, danger, courage and stamina. Their directness and energy gives them and edge in skills that make them in demand because they get results!  The problem is that if you act too hastily and do not focus and get too scattered you could have an accident so stay alert with the Warrior Pose in yoga and avoid running around like a rabbit. Drink calming herbal teas and slow down. Be patient with frustration and things taking more time than you would like.  We will write more about this later in March when it is a more significant problem but we do have a long article in our 2018-19 Vedic Astrological Transit Book available on the home page of our website at

Scorpio rising has a 2nd house afflicted transit of Mars which means one has to avoid risky financial undertakings and get rich quick schemes. Avoid vices like tobacco or alcohol or recreational drugs to drown any emotional pain. Aries rising has a 9th house transit that is afflicted so avoid unethical short-cuts and be cautious with foreign journeys and say away from dangerous circumstances.
The transit improves April 11 – May 2nd when Mars moves 5 degrees away from Saturn but the period of unrest is strong March 27 – April 11th so plan ahead and be careful and slow down during that time window.

Still with the right balance and enough meditation, two enemies can coexist as Mars does get exalted in Capricorn so like the bunny and the fox in our cover photo, there is a way to find balance and prosper.

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