Everyone cringes at the thought of Mercury retrograde but it is not bad for everyone and gets a lot of bad press.  You all  know about Mercury retrograde so I wanted to share some new things.  First of all if you were born with Mercury retrograde, you are more right-brain orientated and have more spatial orientation and recognize patterns and are not logical.  It will be interesting to observe if during Mercury retrograde you need to be more intuitive rather than logical during the  transit.

Secondary, Mercury retrograde is not bad for every rising sign.   It is most difficult for the rising signs of Cancer,  Scorpio,  Pisces,  Capricorn, Aquarius, and Sagittarius  due to house ownerships involving  the 6, 8, 12 and even the 7th  house ruler.   It  actually makes Virgos and Geminis stronger in their physical body but maybe more inward.   Because of retrograde in Pisces this year, Virgos and Geminis are still going to deal with fatigue and rehashing problems around relationship and work.   Taurus rising usually does particularly good with it and Libra will have mixed result and Leos also are not as troubled.   Still it will depend what house Pisces  is for your chart during this current transit and how strong it is in your natal chart and so many other factors.

Mercury retrograde is happening in Pisces, where it tends to get lost mentally in spirituality when it needs to be more logical and practical. It is going retrograde in Revati at first a very satvic and very philosophical constellation owned by Mercury and it will support , intuition and deep insights for many–particularly for astrologers. On April 3-26th, it moves into the constellation of Uttarbhadrapada (Pisces 3.20-16.40) where it is least happy.

Mercury transits from the rising sign or the moon are considered good when they are 2, 4, 6, 8 or 11 houses from the moon or rising sign.  Hence if your rising sign or moon is  Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra, Leo  or Taurus, , it is considered a good transit.  Still it is moving toward an exact square from Mars into April 4th which can increase debates and arguments and may lead to accidents from some rising signs and if you are running a Mercury/Mars or Mars/Mercury period and are Leo or Libra rising.

Mercury and Mars aspects  can lead to disputes  and aggressive arguing nature , being too self-centered and ruthless.   Awareness around this is going to be important as debating about who is right becomes an ego-centered event to justify our position and keep us chained to a position and not open to seeing other points of view.  Be open to listening more and understanding and integrating others points of view over the next few months.

So like always, back up your computers early, get your letters and marketing and business dealings done early today,  be redundant about communications and do not assume that your emails and phone messages and texts will get picked up.  Most of  all,  be patient as Mercury is like the Greek god of Hermes and he wants you to laugh when these things do not go right. He is the trickster, so smile and accept and be patient and know it will be over by April 15th .

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