I just came off a very deep spiritual retreat and had many deep insights that easily get lost in the fast pace of life and making a buck.  Wanted to share them with you while they are fresh.

1) We are here to enjoy and not work ourselves into our grave. The economy and the material realm of cravings push us to give up precious relationship time with friends and family. Older people who are getting ready to pass often are asked what they regret and it was that they worked too much and did not spend enough time with their family.

2) We are here not to repeat the same mistakes of the past.  I am often reminded of my favorite movie, Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray.   Are we going to endlessly make the same mistakes and wake up in the same bad dream that we are stuck in or are we going to make new choices and wake-up reborn, with a new life of joy and enthusiasm.  If we have bad relationship karma, are we going to accept responsibility for what we do wrong and do it better this time?

3) We have to be conscious and not make the same mistakes which means choosing kindness and compassion over blaming and fault-finding and complaining.  If you are not willing to fix it and do something about it, you have not right to endlessly complain about it.

4) We have to exercise ethical judgment. In an age of Rahu where cheating and corruption and swindling are the norm, we have to strive to do the right thing even when its not easy. I miss those stories on the news where people find lost money and find a way to track it back to the owner and give it back.

5.  We have to find Jupiter and defeat Rahu and not accept corruption in government as the norm.  We have to return to teaching moral values at home and in classroom and not let our kids get corrupted by violence and celebration of evil that has become the norm on television. Time to turn off your television, let your kid play only playground games with other kids, keep them away from violent video games, cell phones and return to old-fashioned values.

6.  We need to return to simple, taking care of people, sharing and not spend our time hiding in our addictions, numbing out to violent television and find time to make a difference in other’s life.

All of these require making major changes, choosing new patterns and creating new pathways in our life. It can be done but it takes a conscious effort and an active choice. We have to be alert and awake to do it.

We are here on this planet, to give and to love and to share and to help others. We are not here in the Age of Rahu to accumulate as many new gadgets as we can, waste or life numbing our to our emotional pain and harming anyone or anything.

A little yoga, meditation, conscious awareness and mindful action and can make a difference.  Find time to change your life with your spiritual practices.

Easter is completed. Time for rebirth, renewal and doing things difference. You can make a difference in your life and in others.  Time to love!

In Minneapolis on my way home.  It was ten degrees and it snow and the silence and beauty was astounding. I felt like, running, leaping and laughing over the cool arctic silence.   Blessings!




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