As difficult as the recent Mercury retrograde has been because of aspects from Rahu and Mars and Saturn, there have been some bright spots as Mercury retrograde has increased creativity, intuition and spirituality.    In March, Mercury benefited from  the conjunction with Venus and it cancelled the debilitation.  Now it will be direct and will get aspects from Saturn and Rahu and Mars again but will not have the extra energy of the retrograde or the benefit of Venus.
Hence the direct energy in Pisces now may be more difficult than the past two months and Mercury does not get into Aries until May 8th and that is an enemy’s sign.
Remember to drive safely as people are spacey, get lost and are not paying attention to the road. The connection with Saturn’s nakshatra and troubling. Mercury again exactly debilitated into April 26th and then hit by with the square of Mars into May 12th and aspected by Rahu within 3 degrees April 25-May 1st.    Be alert for the other guy. I have found myself dodging cars all over as they seem oblivious to who is on the road.  Watch out for deals that are too good to be true and ask for ethical business practices.
The problem with Mercury in Pisces it can lead to over-thinking and endless talking and it will be more intuitive than logical and more spiritual.  That makes Mercury a fish in the water of Pisces where it should be grounded in the logic of an earth sign like Mercury.  Still intuition is helpful.  It can be more empathetic and creative for solving problems but there are a lot more of them with computers and things not working.
 Remember Mercury is a trickster and likes to laugh to make sure you find the humor in computer problems and miscommunications and those odd things that test our being.
  Bottomline: The Mercury direct in Pisces between April 15-May 9th may be the most difficult part of the transit  so rejoice in your intuitive powers for now.
Use the Warrior Pose in Yoga to activate the 3rd eye and stay alert.  Use the Plank pose or Swan to activate Mercury and the shoulder stand to get rid of excessive thinking.  Be alert if you start talking too much.

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