Pushya is one of the most auspicious constellation in the zodiac being connected to the chief deity, Brahaspati, the high priest of the gods. It turns out that most planets except Saturn are uplifted by transits through Pushya because the energy of the deity Brihaspati, priest of the Gods. Jupiter brings out  benevolence, generosity, compassion and joyfulness and optimism are generated through this constellation. Its a funny case like Mrigashira where the qualities are that of Jupiter and not Saturn and which is like the constellation of  Mrigashira which brings out the deity Soma and the Moon more so than the harsh energy of Mars.   Rahu moves into Pushya April 26th in the mean node system and April 29th in the True node system.

For Western astronomers, Pushya is formed by North and South Aselli, the two donkeys, which reflect the manger and the birth of the Christ child which occurs under the spiritual energy of this benefic lunar mansion. This transit is a big relief from the poisonous Ashlesha (Cancer 16.40-30) .   Rahu when positively connected to Saturn in April and May can help settle Rahu’s restlessness and teach responsibility, and discipline and help Rahu search for the light.   Rahu may hate the restrictions of Saturn and Pushya but Rahu settles down here and can accept the restrictions of this auspicious constellation and this allows it to control phobias and fears.  For one of the rare transits of Rahu, he is able to take on the responsibility of Saturn and move more toward the light.  If you are Cancer rising, this transit can be powerful on a spiritual level unless your subconscious resists the urge to grow.

The ruler of the Nakshatra in transit will have an impact on the planet in transit. Saturn in Venus’s nakshatra of Purva Shadha will be positive until June 7th but then Saturn spends much of the rest of the time in Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) into November and this will cause more trouble and suffering.   When Jupiter and Saturn are strong, the  positive side of the transit will dominate in April and May and they include bringing out intelligence, spiritual, nourishment  or helps others, independent; self-sufficient; interested in humanitarian activity; socially adept; good at counseling; helps people feel wanted. Pushya is powerful because it brings out the nurturing qualities of the Moon and Cancer:

From June-November when Saturn is in a more difficult Nakshatra of Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) which is connected to the Galactic Center which we experienced from Oct 2017-March 2018 . Here the  darker sides of the constellation will come up and Rahu will not function as well and the aspects from Mars will bring out the darker side of Pushya which is:

  • People  can be come rigid and narrow-minded about religion or social convention.
  • Can be caught up in prejudiced or bigoted.
  • Prone to addictions, neediness, lethargy and victimization.

The problem is that much of the time of the Transit, Mars is aspecting  Rahu from Sagittarius and also Capricorn.     The darker energy of this constellation can come out in being too talkative, too interested in too many things, overly sensitive and emotional, moving toward martydom rather than true service, being defrauded by fake Gurus and rebellion against  Guru and priest figures.

The Mars energy can bring up fighting and conflict with rebels and we have to sense that the far right or left may want to take on their opponents and oppress liberal and radical values which Rahu fights for.

The Mars aspect to Rahu is peaking much of June within 3 degrees but with retrograde motion, the aspect stays pretty tight until mid-August and then returns again in late September. Mars/Rahu aspects promote violent rebellion.  The aspect will be tense and test your courage and power.  Too much impetuous temper, adventurism, ambition and courage can also lead to reckless violence if not controlled.   The energy has to be channel in rebellion toward just causes in a peaceful way or will lead to major unrest and violence.  We are concerned about US rioting this summer and while the trigger is unclear, the energy is in place.

In the end, if we are to have a Mars/Rahu aspect, we would rather have it in Pushya the most benevolent nakshatra and nourishing influence and we suspect when it is all complete, something good and transformational will happen. All gratitude to my Jyotish Gurus and to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their work on Nakshatras.

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