The big event of the coming week is the slowing down of Mars in Capricorn as it prepares to go stationary on June 26th and turn retrograde until August 27th.  Mars retrograde happens for about 2 months every two years but it does not happen very often in the exalted sign of Capricorn and it does not happen with a node very often at all.  The last time Mars went retrograde in Capricorn with a node, (and at that time it was Rahu) was  on July 10, 1971.  This time it is with Ketu and we have written about Mars/Ketu many times recently.

If you have retrograde Mars in your natal chart, Mars is less inclined to take action and a person needs a fire under them to get something done. There can be a lot of procrastination. Hence, it can be a bad time for starting new projects or doing business projects. There still can be a lot of energy but you may feel blocked at times. Getting plenty of exercise and movement is important during Mars retrograde.

Some Vedic texts suggest that an exalted retrograde planet acts like a debilitated planet.  My experience with this is that for physical manifestation of its exalted status or it karaka or signification levels of the planet will still  be there in term of high energy level and strong competitive energy and technical savvy and strong sense of service but the retrograde energy can subjectively give one the debilitated energy of strong ego, arrogance,  anger, lack of interest in family matters, problems with being motivated, neglecting friendships.  Energy is  bit warped because of Ketu as we have discussed before and there can be a tendency to do things to quickly and in a rush and that can cause injuries and accidents. So you have to remember to slow down and not be impulsive. Over the past month, I find myself rushing with lot of energy to do things and in the process, I sometimes break things or get minor cuts and bruise.  Slow down!

For the  wrong signs  exalted malefics tend to do more harm than good, so Libra and Taurus may feel it strongly. Capricorn and Cancer rising and Sagittarius rising with Mars owning the 12th will feel this strongly too. Aries will do best with Mars in Aries for career and Scorpio rising will plow through problems. Virgo and Gemini will be challenged with Mars and Mercury being bigger enemies. Pisces will do the best with the 11th house transit.

My friend Gary O’Toole of Timeline Astrology  (see

explains Mars exalted and retrograde best: ” When a planet transits its exaltation sign, and is retrograde, it brings with it a sense of the planet being in debilitation: there is frustrating our plans with unforeseen delays, and many more twists and turns to negotiate. There is outward energy to get stuff done but the inner anger and frustration might feel like there is a block in place and if when we feel blocked, we may not act. So, we have to watch sudden angry outbursts with retrograde Mars.”

We sometimes just have to get out there and do things carefully rather than procrastinate and we have to get a lot of exercise in to release any bottled up explosive energy that wants to come out so it does not explode in the wrong way.If anger is bottling up, find a way to release it through exercise or dance or maybe just hitting a pillow or screaming out loud when there is no one to bear the brunt of your anger.

Find ways to stay cool by avoiding hot and spicy foods, drinking coconut water and cooling food and avoid over-exerting yourself which can lead to wild bursts of anger.  Learn to be patient with delays and frustrations and realize it will all get done without abusing your body and those around you.

Summer officially arrives on June 21st with the Summer Solistice to take time to slow down and celebrate the new season. We will write more about this later in the week.

On the level of Mundane astrology, the best analogue year was 1971 with Mars retrograde in Capricorn from July 10, 1971 to Sept. 9, 1971.  A month before the retrograde, the New York Times released the Pentagon Papers reveling  the scandal around the Viet Nam War.  On June 30,  New York Times Co. v. United States: The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the Pentagon Papers may be published, rejecting government injunctions as unconstitutional prior restraint.

The recent government release of a report showing the FBI’s involvement in trying to block the Trump Presidency is likely to explode in a bigger scandal as the liberal media continues to take attempt to take down the President.  More explosive energy coming here. This week the Department of Justice watchdog (OIG) report,  was released and showed that the Hillary Clinton email investigation was a “total fix,” and that both former FBI Director James Comey and FBI investigator Peter Strzok could face charges here.  The Liberal press and frustrated liberal voters finding out the truth of what really happened, may incite riots as people take to the streets to riot given the energy this summer. Pelosi came out the past week and attempted to incite rioting but making a statement to the press that she was surprised that people were not marching in the streets.   Continue to search for the truth in the center of the smoke and mirrors and we have to hope that we can trust the Department of Justice when we can no longer trust CNN, the New York Times or key Democratic politicians.

Around the exact date of the retrograde in 1971, there was a coup attempt in Morocco and troop involvement in Ireland increased by the UK.   Nixon announced his visit to China.   There was a lot of fighting that summer with the UK and Belfast.   In August  1971, Camden, NJ erupted in race riots. The genocidal war in Pakistan which had started in March 1971 and continued for 9 months, was peaking in August giving rise to George Harrison’s famous Concert for Bangladesh in Madison Square Garden.

Mars/Ketu tends to bring seething anger than can explode so in troubled areas around the world, one would expect more rioting to happen this summer.  At the moment, Venezuela is one of the more troubled areas for such potential up-risings due to food and medical shortages and massive inflation.  The UK seems prone to massive disturbance this summer as people are still up in arms about the arrest of a journalist who was reporting about a Muslim pedophile scandal and was censored and arrested.

Mars in Capricorn for 5 months is going to intensify the aggressive nature of the EU wanting to control partners this year. Rahu in the 1st house of Cancer in their natal hart  can want to overpower its opponents and the EU has continued to almost move into a dictatorship in the number of rules imposed on members and they are rebelling. EU is running a Rahu /Jupiter period with Rahu in the 5th house and Mars will transit over natal Saturn in early November.


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