There is a lot of underlying tension in the air.  Some of it is  because Saturn is  retrograde into a more troubled part of the sign of Sagittarius into Mula nakshatra and is in the most difficult section of it until July 22nd but is still causing problems strongly until Sept. 6th when it goes direct. Retrograde malefics are more powerful to cause more problems and Saturn retrograde is increasing health issues and I have seen it come up for many including myself.  Saturn requires discipline so regular meditation, yoga, eating properly and staying away from vices can help.  Sagittarius is connected to hips so keep them limber with the pigeon pose and Saturn governs Capricorn and knees so keep them oiled and flexible and find good joint supplements like MSM and chondroitin  to support joints and bones.   Emotionally, fear is up strong as Saturn is in Pada 4 ruled by Cancer which has an 8 relationship (Ashtamamsha) with Sagittarius to it brings up difficult energies that need to transformed. You cannot run away from your challenges with Saturn so get support. The only way out is through!

The good news is that Rahu moved into Pada 3 in the constellation of Pushya in the mean node system in June 28th and that is owned by Libra and should promote more pleasure and relationship energy. Rahu actually does well in the auspicious constellation and will be there until early December.  One difficult transit can get crossed off the list–at last until Rahu get triggered by the eclipses.

On July 5th, the Sun will move out of the difficult constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-19.59) and that will also help lift this intense sense of suffering and arduous tasks and challenges.  An exact trine from Jupiter into Thursday July 5th should lift spirits after the holidays and for a few weeks later as Jupiter goes stationary direct on July 10th.

The big elephant in the room is the retrograde Mars conjunct Ketu and Mars is retrograde until August 27th and not really free of Ketu  until the 2nd week of October.  Keep releasing that seething anger so it does not explode in the wrong place.  Exercise is a good way to do so.

Very concerned about this aspect this summer with people like Nancy Pelosi and  Maxine Waters encouraging people to riot and be violent against Trump and conservative Americans. Whatever your political affiliations (Jyotishis are supposed to be neutral),  you have to see this as unhealthy given the hot summer, the deep political divide and craziness of Mars/Ketu toward violence.  Will this solve the problem?

The summer eclipses, July 12,  July 27th and August 11th are bond to trigger something if there is a major event or trigger.  The the US was born in a Rahu period and is revolutionary by nature and there is a lot of injustice to be angry about, but take that energy and transmute it into community service and helping those of needs as ranting  and violence is not going to  the trick. The Hippy movement of the 60’s did not stop the war. Politicians are going to do what they do and it is frustrating but use your energy to make a difference in your communities and donate to charities and fight injustice in other ways.

Remember to be kind and compassionate to everyone despite their beliefs and politics and religion. This is our challenge to accept others and their difference.  Our world is a beautiful mosaic of different cultures and religions and cultures and beliefs.  How boring if everyone were the same.  We all learn and benefit from each other but people go to war thinking there religion is better than another.

Short-term this weekend we have a lot of triggers with the moon going over Mars/Ketu with the moon conjunct Mars and Ketu on June 30th.   Be careful with driving this week with the Mercury/Mars opposition on July 5th and Rahu confusing the mind this week with July 2-6th.  This will all pass eventually out there but find away to turn off the news, be happy, help others and stay out the craziness of world politics.

Hang in there. Some relief in the astrology starting July 5th but really have to get into September and the 2nd of October to get major relief.   Have a great weekend!

Use the summer to study. Take our course on multiple perspectives for charts. We are not just the natal chart but we have to look at the Moon Chart, Sun Chart, Navamasha Chart, Rotated Dasha Chart, Jamini Charts about the Soul’s destiny and what happens when we move, through astro-locality.   Expand your horizons and see your chart and other as a Hologram and not a line in stone.



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