JULY 2018
July starts out optimistically with a Jupiter trine exact into July 5th so the holiday may seem more joyful. Afflicted Mars opposing Mercury into July 5th will require careful driving and looking out for those drivers who drank too much around the holiday.

Jupiter goes stationary direct on July 10th, so those delayed business-marketing projects can move full steam ahead!  Minor solar eclipse on July 12th at Gemini 27 degrees may upset digestion but not a huge thing unless you are Leo rising.

Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on July 25th for almost a month so get those books done early and be mindful of computer issues. Lunar eclipse on July 27th at 11 degrees Capricorn is a bit problematic with Mars there.  Sun gets hit by conjunction with Rahu into July 28th and that may create strong ambition but can lead to toppling from status.

Venus goes into Virgo on August 1st so a definite time for Libras to retreat, wind down and go on a meditation retreat. There is less energy here, so it’s time to rest. Avoid over-sexual stimulation and be patient with partners who are less than perfect.

Final eclipse of the year on August 20th at 25 Cancer is relatively minor but still Leos have to watch digestion, stay rested and in good health during this 12th house transit and eclipse. It’s not a good month to book a foreign trip for Leos despite the desire. Meditate at an ashram instead.

Uranus stations and goes retrograde on August 7th and that can bring strong and unexpected action for share markets or surprises in the world. Given the rebellion energy up from Ketu/Mars, we have to worry about riots with Mars still too close to Ketu the first few weeks of the month.
Mars goes direct August 27th and will be out of range from Ketu.

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