Some of the more difficult transits are ending this week. Sun will move out of the constellation of Ardra know as Betelgeuse (Gemini 6.40-19.59) on July 5th and enter into the more auspicious constellation of Punarvasu (Castor and Pollux, Gemini 20.00-Cancer. 3.20) for 13 days and that will take away some of the struggle and anxiety of Sun’s connection with Rahu that has been going on the past 10 days. More optimism will come with Jupiter in going stationary direct on July  10th and the trine to the Sun exact on July 5th will increase joy and confidence strongly into July 8th.

Venus moves into in Leo, late on July 4, 2018 until the end of the month.  Venus is in the transitory area in  the Gandanta July 2-3rd where it is more emotional vulnerable to intense and poisonous energies welling up in the emotions and that will be felt mostly by Libra and Taurus rising.   Could lead to intense relationship outbreaks so find a way to keep it simple until the clouds past.

Venus in Leo can amplify feelings and passion and support the business of art and getting acclaim in shows or being more successful with art sales. It also supports actors and actresses and our love of luxuries, beauty and will promote strong affections.

Venus moves into her own constellation of Purva Phalguni, on July 16th a star she rules where she has the brilliant skills in fine arts and a love pleasure. This is a great time to start working on creative projects!

Taurus and Libra rising will need to be cautious not to stir up harsh conversations at home or within the family during this transit as Venus goes through their 4th and 11th house of home and social groups of affluence. In the end, Venus always has fun in Leo and women love fun but watch the dark side of the ego coming out in Leo where the need for too much attention can lead to disappointments.

Mercury opposes Mars on Thursday, July 5th  but that energy will be most felt on Tuesday, ruled by Mars and Wednesday, ruled by Mercury.  Mars/Mercury oppositions can stir up strong debates and arguments and verbal fights so remember that it’s not important to be right to gratify your ego and position and be open to other sides of the coin.  Intense fighting can lead to accidents so pullover in the car of you feel the urge to duke it out.  Drive carefully and watch out for the other guy. You are more vulnerable to a physical injury if you are running Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars somewhere in your dasha sequence and are Virgo or Gemini rising.  Stay alert while driving or working with power tools as if the mind wanders and rehashes arguments, then it is vulnerable to not being in the present movement. The warrior pose can help you focus and activate alertness and your 3rd eye.

Get ready for the Solar Eclipse which is happening in late Gemini on July 12th-13.

July 12, 2018
US 22:38 EST
Begins July 13th  1:48 GMT; Ends 4:13 GMT

It is visible in Tasmania, extreme southern Australia, islands south of New Zealand, the edge of Antarctica below Australia

This eclipse occurs opposite Saturn, as well as Pluto – almost by exact degree. When Saturn aspects an eclipse, it tends to create conditions of famine, scanty rain and resources. This will mostly impact Australia, which was on the troubled annual chart list anyway. This can also impact mining.

Pluto aspecting the eclipse can produce devastating results creating ethnic disturbances where share markets can be hurt. Because it is a minor solar eclipse, we are not expecting anything dire but in 1986, a solar eclipse connected to Pluto lead to Chernobyl 4 days later.

Again, Australia is impacted and they are already thinking about anti-Islamic laws. The eclipse is occurring in the month of Asahda on June 22 – July 22 and can impact China, Afghanistan and the central regions of India. This should lead to political disturbance and problems with crops leading to steep rises in grains for certain areas of the world where it is visible so Australian wheat may be impacted.

This eclipse is occurring in the US while we are sleeping so we do not have to worry about digestive problems or doing extra meditation. If you live in Australia, it is a good time to fast during eclipses and do extra meditation and the energy can be difficult.

Have a Great Week!

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