The partial solar eclipse is July 13th starting on 1:48 pm GMT (London) which is about 7:48 pm in the Midwest and ending at 4:13 pm GMT which is about 10:13 pm in the US. It is visible in Australia and Tasmania and New Zealand and will impact those regions most.  For those of us in the US, just have a light or no dinner and do extra meditation at night.

Eclipses are good for meditation and that is the best way to spend time during an eclipse, as the meditations can be deeper. Outwardly the emotions and mind get a bit frazzled so never a good time to make major decisions during an eclipse. I usually do laundry or clean or meditate to pass the time.
Both of my Gurus have advocated meditation during eclipses over the years. Sri Sri recently commented on this one: “The mind is connected with the moon, the body is connected with the Earth and the Sun is connected with both. The time when all three come in alignment is good for spiritual practices. It is not a good time to eat or indulge in pleasures. It is a good time to conserve energy. So, from the ancient times it is said that you should not eat during the eclipse, and you should meditate. Eclipse is a very good time for mantra chanting and meditation. Chanting mantras at the time of eclipse is much more powerful. This is the ancient saying.

One or two hours before an eclipse, stop eating so that the food gets digested well and during the eclipse time you have an empty stomach, and on empty stomach chanting and mantras are done for maximum result.

Eclipse is a very auspicious time for saadhaks; it is not a bad time. It is a bad time for enjoyment and for pleasures. And when you chant 108 times during this period it is equivalent to 10,000 times or more! So, meditation and chanting are highly recommended during this period.

When we are in activity, our mind is always focused in the front of the body. Close your eyes now, you’ll feel your mind is in front because the mind goes through the eyes to look at the world, and through the ears. During activity the mind is mostly focused in the frontal part of the body.”
“For relaxing, we take our mind to the background. You will see suddenly there is something different happening. This is necessary, from time to time.” (SSRS)

The day of an eclipse or even a few days afterwards do not have to produce dramatic fall. On an emotional level, lunar eclipse feels a bit unnerving. Do not act on any thoughts that come up during an eclipse, as they are often fear-based and irrational. Best to be in meditation and do sacred chanting – Shiva Rudram may be a particularly powerful experience. I always avoid doing anything important within 3 days before and after an eclipse. I tend to do laundry and clean the house to keep busy if I am not meditating and it is recommended to fast 2 hours before and 3 hours after as food is harder to digest and can lead to indigestion.

In the end, eclipses reveal deep secrets and bring out deep unconscious patterns that need to be healed and are a good thing and should not be feared. Some people are actually empowered by eclipses but still it is thought not to watch them as they may manifest innate or hidden health problems that have the potential to emerge. Still remember that fear is a big illusion. We are taken care of by the Divine and sometimes a little emotional drama is needed to shake things up and move us out of our rut.
Eckhart Tolle is fond of telling us that that 98% of the stuff going through our heads is rubbish. On eclipse days, it is more. Relax, rejuvenate and avoid important decisions. God is with you in the storms and sometimes storms are very powerful and make us stronger.

So, steer through the storm with God’s grace, eat lightly today, meditate, and chant. Focus on the Divine and the eclipse will enlarge all of those qualities. This can be a very spiritual time. Enjoy the eclipse!

Lunar eclipse  is July 27th and that one will be more powerful and then we get another partial solar eclipse on August 11th but that will occur in the middle of the night for the US.

Mercury in Cancer aspecting Capricorn: 

The combination of Mercury being in Moon’s sign of Cancer during the eclipse is the inability to act and feeling scattered and fragmented with too many thoughts running through the mind and being prone to an overactive imagination. To get out of feeling restless and nervous, get creative in writing activities or listening to music. Mercury likes to move and be active so today is a good day to take a walk in the park and breathe in some fresh air or aerobic activity to get the breath moving and air flowing so it’s not clogged up in the ‘mental mind.’  This will be true of all three eclipses as Mercury is in Cancer until early September so watch that confused mind and do exercise to get through it.

Rahu in Cancer during the Eclipses 

With the eclipses happening in Cancer, there is a deeper and more emotional impact this year.
The combination of Rahu being in Moon’s sign of Cancer during the eclipse is a feeling of confusion and insecurity. One may feel apprehensive and uncertain which may lead to feelings of vulnerability and seeking comfort in food, drugs, and alcohol. Instead, find some way to rid yourself of any “shadowed” emotional toxins that come up. One of the best ways to get out of the muck of self-pity is to rise up in service of others so go out and help the community or care for the ‘underdog’ and those that are in need. It’s a good day to help women, mothers and clean the house.

Eclipses impact us most if we have our natal moon, sun, or key planets at the eclipse points. If you key planets at 26-27 Gemini for the first Solar Eclipse and you are running a Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon or Rahu/Sun or Sun/Rahu period, you will fell the impact most and possibly something major will happen to support your personal transformation. If not, no need to worry.

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