Sun moves in the zodiac sign of Cancer on Monday, July 16th, the natural house of home and supporting the “family.” The Sun will spend some of the first 3 days in the constellation of Punarvasu and bring light into the darkness. This is a good time to take action through your feelings.

Sun in Cancer is rather afflicted in transit this year. It is a 12th house transit for Leos suggesting a need for retreat, meditation and foreign journey. With the conjunction of Rahu on July 29th, and the July 27th and August 11th eclipses, there can be an identity crisis for Leos. The Rahu/Sun combination can create strong power, success and social achievement but this can lead to falls from power and status also if you strive too high. Scandal is possible and intrigue with foreigners is very possible. Even when there is success, Rahu is never satisfied and there is often inner dissatisfaction. The key is to be happy with where you are.

Mars also afflicts the Sun this month with the July 28th opposition creating great tension between work and home and problems. While they are friends, the connections with Rahu and the eclipse may lead to odd power struggles and violence and tension.

The end of the transit, August 14 – 16th is in the Cancer gandanta (Cancer 27-30) in the constellation of Hyrda (Ashlesha, Cancer 16.40-29.59) is a place where the toxins of the past are accumulating in a big knot that is difficult to untie. Deep unconscious patterns and difficult problems arise that seem daunting and filled with regrets. Remember you have the power of free will in the present moment to move through into new light and do not have to live in the shadows and mistakes of the past. Let them go. They seem tangled and difficult to deal with, but you are strong enough to get through them.
So, July and early August are difficult times for Leo rising so good to go on a meditation retreat and do the inner work as the outer ambitions may be frustrating.  Travels to foreign countries may be complicated with the eclipse energy.

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