This week is one of the more difficult weeks of the year and our analysis is long and detailed but should provide you with a roadmap to get through until August. Mars is still very close to Ketu and in the True Node system they are exactly conjunct on Monday.   Moon in Scorpio on Sunday/Monday is always an emotional low. Mercury goes stationary retrograde in the gandanta/knotted emotional area on Wednesday, July 25th.  There is a Full Moon/Lunar eclipse conjunct Mars on Friday, July 27th and the Sun is within 3 degrees of Rahu July 26-31st and exact on July 28th.  On the bright side, Saturn moves out of the more difficult Pada or section of Sagittarius owned by Cancer on July 22nd and into the Gemini section where it stays until Oct. 21st and Mars retrograde movement goes into the constellation of Vega know as Abhijit Nakshatra (Capricorn 6.40-11.13.20) on July 23rd.  Lets look at what all this means.


Saturn continues retrograde in the constellation of Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) but moves into Pada 3 on July 23rd connected to Gemini and to energy that is more connected with Kama or pleasure.  Saturn in Mula will not let people escape their karma and brings up great regret from the past and forces us to look at the negative parts of our personality and to make amends. It is much better in the Gemini section of Sagittarius as the Cancer section which has been going on since early June as brought up extra suffering and death inflicting energies.   A minor bright spot.  Still too much intellectual analysis of why one is suffering may keep the mind trapped so make sure you take action to clean up your past mistakes.

My friend Imrana Malik talking about Saturn in Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) notes:

But the pain and death we experience here pave the path for much awaited transformation both on internal and external level. Transformation is not an easy process but here in Moola and in the sign of Sagitarius, it brings light back into our lives. It helps us to merge in Shiva (universe). It helps us to open our eyes to the ignorant behavior of ours and helps us to change our personalities accordingly… it indicates a beginning of new spiritual life. Transformation here happens for the better. It is a very magical nakshatra because it protects the good.  So have faith that the heaviness, pain and delay you will experience here will lay the foundation for a new you in the days to come.


The other bright spot is that Mars retrogrades back into the constellation of Vega (6.40-11.13.20) which is very auspicious and it is moving away from Ketu which will retrograde into that constellation in the true node system starting on Sept. 11th.  Komilla Sutton notes that Abhijit means victorious and conquering completely and is connected to Brahma, the creator and also to Vishnu the preserver. It is a star where the individual can write their own destiny.  One can preserve the old and create something new.  This constellation is very powerful and gives one spiritual drive and the ability to want to win regardless of circumstances.  It is ruled by the Sun and it supports leadership during its transit in the  constellation July 23-August 8th.  Because Mars is retrograde  in the sky we will get a full 17 days of this power.  With Mars channeling the Sun’s energy until the end of the month, power and leadership and confidence and ambition will be strong and great energy will be there to accomplish.   It will particularly be good for Scorpio and Aries rising.  The lunar eclipse conjunct Mars on July 27th may distort some of the energy if power and ambition take over but meditation and spiritual action should empower it.

Mars continues its close conjunction with Ketu within 3 degrees until August 1st so continue to watch seething anger and make sure that it does not explode in a negative or violent manner and use exercise to channel the extra and powerful energy.  The retrograde energy back into the constellation of Vega will start dampening some of the intensity.

My friend Imrana Malik give us deep insights into Mars retrograde:

When a planet gets retrograde it changes it’s natural way of functioning.It is like moving your car backward. We need to drive slowly in reverse gear. It is a different style of drive that demands cautious approach as we have to manage steering wheel,feet on escalator and brake and side by side use back view mirror.We need to be more focused now.  Since now our car is moving slow so expect delays in reaching our destination/goal.But it does not mean that we have no will power and energy and are not putting best of our efforts. With Ketu, the planet of detachment, energy level can drop on and off yet we will be able to manage it. In the focused and practical sign of Capricorn, we will not loose hope and will be focused and determined to achieve our goals.  Mars is on eclipses axis, so we will face karmic life changing events.

Moon in Scorpio July 21-24th  can be an dry emotional place of deep psychological introspection and churning. The tendency is go inward and ruminate and deep emotional scars.  Be sure to express your emotions or they will cause deeper emotional disturbance and remember it will pass quickly. The exact trine from Rahu is late in the evening on the 22nd and early morning on the 23rd can irritate the delicate emotions.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse is July 27th peaking  at 20:22 GMT at 11.45 Capricorn which in the US will be during daylight so it have more of an impact  for Europe and Northern Asia.  We will write more about it later in the week.  The conjunction with Mars is particularly disturbing and it is in the constellation of Shravana. . Eclipses are good for meditation and that is the best way to spend time during an eclipse, as the meditations can be deeper. Outwardly the emotions and mind get a bit frazzled so never a good time to make major decisions during an eclipse. I usually do laundry or clean or meditate to pass the time.   This one is happening on the Guru Purnima holiday which can make spiritual connection deeper if we spend time in spiritual prayer, devotion and meditation which the holiday supports. (more later in the week)

In the end, eclipses reveal deep secrets and bring out deep unconscious patterns that need to be healed and are a good thing and should not be feared. Some people are actually empowered by eclipses but still it is thought not to watch them as they may manifest innate or hidden health problems that have the potential to emerge. Still remember that fear is a big illusion. We are taken care of by the Divine and sometimes a little emotional drama is needed to shake things up and move us out of our rut.

The combination of Mars being in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn during the eclipse will create an added boost of energy with Mars being in his sign of exaltation so tackle your projects with the courage of a warrior and by taking some calculated risks and applying focused energy, you could come out a winner today! Still this eclipse brings moodiness, aggressiveness and impulsive action so feelings are strong and angry outbursts likely. People may be more expressive and opinionated so be careful not to fly off the handle.  The opposition with Mercury in Cancer on the eclipse axis could lead to messy arguments so be thoughtful and compassionate if you see others succumb to this intense energy.

The eclipse is conjunct Ketu.  The combination of Ketu being in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn during got eclipse will create a fanatical pursuit of ideas and projects or an obsessive one-tracked mind that is disarray and losing the big picture, one’s projects may fall apart at the seams. Career activities could be on a positive rise but then go belly up. This is a good day to stay away from business related activities, as they are unstable due to the sudden fluctuating energies of success and failure.

Mercury goes Stationary/Direct on Wednesday night  July 25th at 29 degrees of Cancer  deep in the gandanta or emotionally knotted area which negative mental energies can churn.  Continue to be careful about your sharp tongue and wait 15 seconds before lashing out out someone with word that you might regret. We wrote in detail about this transit the last few days.

Sun moves toward Conjunction with Rahu into July 28th  and has a 3 degree orb between July 25-31st.
Sun in Cancer feels eclipsed by Rahu’s shadowy energy, which may cause feelings of tiredness and shifting moods. Career and finances may be erratic and there may be spats with loved ones. Problems with digestion, swelling, and water retention can occur so take care of your health by getting plenty of rest and exercise. This eclipse will be favorable for spiritual activities and there may be benefits from work in foreign countries or unusual occupations. Some may suffer from lack of confidence or not be as self-aware during this time and feel worried, foggy and confused. There may be trouble with bosses, superiors and relationship with your father may be distant or troubled.  Strong desire for power may arise and so curb ambition so you do not blow away others. Sometimes Sun/Rahu conjunctions can lead to sudden falls from power or scandals so make sure you are on top of your hidden world.  The impact if this can occur within 3 month of the conjunction and the eclipse axis.

So expect some storms this week. Meditate, do your yoga, spend time in spiritual activity and stay away from addictive behavior and power trips and you will sail through. Have a great week!  All honor to my Jyotish Gurus, Komilla Sutton, Sanjay Rath and Bill Levacy for their great wisdom.

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