Venus transits into Virgo on Wednesday, August 1st-Sept. 1st  and it a low point of the year for Venus and a time for her to rest and meditate.  Technically it is debilitated here but that just means that it has to work 3 times as hard to get results.   It is a particularly difficult time for relationships as Venus tends to be too critical and picky in Virgo and this can lead to picking poor partners, being a victim in relationships, broken romances, problems with reproductive organs and bladder problems and sugar imbalances.

The difficult news is that Retrograde Saturn squares Venus making the situation more difficult with that aspect exact into August 9th but impacting within 3 degrees August 7-13th.

Venus in Virgo can bring out the “lusty” energy of Venus rather than the higher energies of artistic expression.  If you give into this energy, you may find your creative juices drained further and this can be a challenges for artists or designer or professional dancers and singers who count on Venus.   Moderation is always the key with Venus in Virgo.   Avoid the extra sweets or all-night sex-capades or you will be exhausted.

Relationship skills really will need a deep tweaking.  The key will be to accept your partner in his/her imperfections and to avoid being too critical about things that bother you.  Relationship is always about compromise and acceptance.  Trying to change your partner usually does not work but use your skills to communicate your needs in an non-aggressive manner and find a way to compromise and you will get through.   Mars is not very happy now conjunct Ketu in Capricorn and he usually does not help matters.   If the love is strong, then work it out, get counseling and make it work especially if children are involved. Mars will bring up a lot of anger so find ways to diffuse it with exercise or through other outlets.

Venus governs business expansion and the desire to buy and in Virgo, these energies may be lessened. I often find the stock market will fall when Venus is in Virgo or that sales may drop so you have to work 3 times as hard with your creative marketing efforts during this time. Jupiter in Libra may off-set this problem as it is pushing expansive energy.  Venus governs peace and diplomacy and given the fragile state of the world with the US and Iran  this is a troubling transit.

The lion pose is connected to Venus and the 2nd chakra of creativity and pro-creativity so you can do that pose if your creative juices seem at a low point.

Libra and Taurus and people running Venus periods will have the most problems with this transit while Virgos and Capricorns may do best with it.  Libra rising in particular will need to rest more, conserve energy, take more time for meditation and go on spiritual retreats in order to balance out the yearly imbalance.

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 Arudha, Dara Pada and Upapada.

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Course Summary and Integration

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