As a Vedic astrologer, I strive to find ways to report the positive side of emotional and psychological storms that are going to be active. The purpose of this column is to give us the awareness of what is happening so that we are not as gripped by our emotions and mind and seeing the play of the planets. If we do enough spiritual practice and yoga and exercise and practice kindness and acceptance of every situation that comes up, we can dance through the week empowered.   The key is always to shake hands with the moment and its challenges and not let the mind fight it and think this should not be happening–it is and do I accept it and laugh or do I become a victim. It is harder often when the planets are not cooperating.  Save the mind at all costs. Watch a funny movie and find ways to laugh. There is some post-eclipse hangover still going on until the Sun separates from Rahu by three degrees through Tuesday.  Accept the things that do not work. Surrender to God in the moment and your can move through pain and discomfort.

Mars is slowly moving away from Ketu after their last true node peak on July 23rd and they will be 5 degrees apart by August 8th giving Scorpios and Aries rising a bit of a break from intense anger, regret and impulsive wild energy until Mars starts moving back toward Ketu more closely within 5 degrees by about Sept. 11th.  Remember to use exercise that is fun to release the stuck energy even if you are inclined to be lazy and not want to do it because you are tired.   Mars still continues its wild out of bounds energy which puts it on hyper-drive until early September but it has more dignity now as it has moved into Abhijit nakshatra where it can plow through obstacles and more more victorious. You have the Divine support now.    Accidents and fires and unexpected explosions of anger are possible still and so not much relief for the poor people in Northern California and Greece for a bit.   Do not stuff your anger. Use exercise, social action and donating to charities and writing letters to government organizations as a way to release this energy.

Highlight of the week is the square of Mars to Uranus from Capricorn to Aries peaking on August 1st and mostly  felt on Tuesdays July 31st and August 7th.  The 2 degree orb will be felt until August 12th or so.  This aspect gives a strong urge to rebel against rules and authority and may incite more protests and rioting in troubled areas of the world as anger explodes over social injustice.

Be careful not to at impulsive with people and if you are working with power tools or driving, be alert.  On the positive side great creative and inventive energy may pour forth through you particularly if you do engineering or technical activity so use it powerfully.

There may be an urge to break out of the box, to violate your routine and go for more fun. Remember to do life-affirming activity that does not violate your personal ethics codes.  I have been feeling this energy post the eclipse with lots of wild and negative thoughts so make sure you do not act on them. Still find some constructive way to break the rules and fun without hurting yourself or others and that may just mean breaking your routine and getting creative artistic in a non-structured manner.  Sexual energy will be up strongly in August with Venus moving into Virgo but make sure you do it with a loving and nurturing partner rather than turning to darker forms of release.  This energy needs to be released with wild creative dancing and artistic expression but could lead to problems if you go after unsafe expressions.

Sun is still within 3 degrees of the North Node Rahu through Tuesday continuing the post-eclipse hangover for ambition.  The solar plexus may be out of control from Mars with wild energies and for some Rahu will dampen the solar plexus and digestive energies so make sure you stay on top of exercise and gentle walking to keep your fires balance.. The ugly side of ego can surface and also anger can flare up so find ways to be kind to people, accept mistakes and do not fight government authority by speeding down the highway if you are prone to traffic tickets or pay your tax bills on time. Anger around government can really be driven to the surface.

So be vigilant with doing your meditation and yoga and spiritual practices this week and know that the worse of the storms will be over after August 1st but for some real let up we will have to wait for Venus in Libra for 4 months after Sept. 1st.   Donate to your favorite charities and help others in need this week and you will see a lot of such events come up and help the fire victims in Northern California and Greece.

I love this cover photo of the boy fishing with his dog. Sometimes we just have to go back to those simple wonders of the summer in nature and get nurtured.

Have a great week!

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