BUSY MONTH FOR THE SUN and LEO: August 17-Sept. 16th: The Complexity of Leadership, Ego and Independence.

The Sun is the heart of the Kala Purusha and everyone derives power and vitality and health from his benevolent rays. He represents, courage, valor, royalty, fatherhood, victory and success. He is at home and strong in his own sign of Leo and generally unafflicted except from a sneaky 30 degree aspect from Rahu in Cancer within 3 degrees which is exact around August 27th.

Leo is the sign of Individualization, a sign of majestic light and power and is the natural 5th sign of the zodiac which represents the creative urge of the Cosmic man to return to his Source. It represents the Divine Child holding the hand of his Father in the Sky but impetuously jumping into the world of matter, Leo is a material sign but they always have an eye toward the heavens. The challenge of Leo and something we are seeing in our Leo President is that their egotism is so entrenched that they are not prepared to renounce their material attainments and go for something higher for the planet.

The Sun enters Leo late on August 16th at the Leo gandanta (Leo 0.00-0.40) in the constellation of Regulus (Magha, Leo 0.00-13.20) where there is more material emphasis on life and the soul is troubled in its decision to move forward now into a more successful material life and begin a material journey through the more tamasic constellations of Magha-Jyestha that dominate into early winter.
If you were born with Sun in Leo you have strong leadership abilities, ambition, tend to think big, are independent, liberal and have great stamina. This transit is mostly unafflicted so the Sun returns to power after the earlier eclipses in Cancer.

This is a great time to work on your Divinity. The key will be to help others and not need praise or attention. You are great, and you have to acknowledge yourself and then others will do so. Like the Leo Lion, look to the mirror and see the great Royal soul that you are. In Christian mythology, the Lion is the representative the Divine king. Rise up out of the shadows of past experience and move toward deeper spirituality by letting go of the past. You are great in your own Divinity. Do not get lost in small ego. Jai Guru Dev. Victory to the Big Mind and then let go of the little ego that wants to keep us chained to the material world.

Leo is home for the Sun but in this sign he is stubborn, independent while very organized in doing humanitarian work.  Pesky Rahu’s aspect within 3 degrees August 24-30th will rekindle some of the solar eclipse energy and create an identity crisis and may foster over-ambition, selfishness and rigidity.  It may foster foreign connections.

Leos do best with this transit coming home and restoring leadership and confidence and vitality.  Sun does the best with 3, 6, 10th and 11th house transits from the Moon or Rising sign so if your moon or rising sign is Gemini, Pisces, Scorpio or Libra, this transit will benefit you the most.

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