EYE ON ASTROLOGY:  Going Deeper with our Probing and Microscopic Exploration. 

 I live in a community where people are involved in Vedic knowledge and most of the community has had one or more readings. Many of the people I have talked to have been jaded about their readings because they have not been accurate or there was a cultural difference between the person giving the reading and the client. The reading was “lost in translation.”  Even the best astrologers in the world may only be 70% accurate because there is some level of free will and spiritual people are aware to make better choices.

It is possible to get very specific information out of a chart that is very precise. I often tell people that true Vedic astrology is like reading strands of DNA if you go deeply enough with it and I find that Western psychology and Western astrological approaches are very useful for helping people reveal their patterns. 

My initial background in financial astrology and timing markets and mundane events has taught me a lot about timing and people. Very specifically, about how events manifest in life. Observing daily dashas for 25 years and transits has helped understand how karma manifests and some of the common mistakes that astrologers can make. 

ALTERNATE UNIVERSES: Firstly, I do not think that everything in our life is written in stone and can be predicted with 100% accuracy. I often think there are alternative universes available that our free will and intention can shift karma. It’s a bit like that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. She meets one boyfriend when she catches the train and meets someone else when the doors close and she misses the train. Other science fiction writers have played with this theme of multiple possibilities. When we are aware of the problem and choose not to repeat the same mistake, we can create an alternative universe. I often see in charts that the dasha period will set up a school to bring up the issues but with meditation, service, awareness and poise, we can make new choices and create an alternative universe.

While some karma is very hard and does have to hit us, as we meditate and do good deeds and become more conscious and aware, I think karma comes back more softer and that we are given schools to karma to work out and choices to make. Often, I think the astrology sets up a situation and how we act up on it this time is dependent on our judgment and free will. Often clients want us to give a definitive yes or no that it will go this way and the best astrologers can be is 75%.

More often than not, we can see the karma coming up but how you deal with it is up to you. Even if there is a health condition coming up, if it is connected to the 6th house, through discipline and diet and awareness we can change the outcome. Eight house karmas can be more difficult and more acute but even 8th house issues are beckoning us to transform and transcend and if are on top of what we need to do for certain areas of our life, they do not have to hit us. I think there are early warning systems available but once in a while stuff hits us out of the blue. When we are aware of the problem and choose not to repeat the same mistake, we can create an alternative universe. I often see in charts that the dasha period will set up a school to bring up the issues but with meditation, service, awareness and poise, we can make new choices and create an alternative universe. Hence, awareness from a reading may allow us to see our blind spots.

TRANSITS ARE ONLY 20% OF TIMING: The Vedic Mahadasha system and dasha systems are based on signs (Rashi Dashas) and give us a contextual rotation of periods in our life for things to manifest and transits trigger those  events within the context. Western astrologers are not aware of the larger cyclical context.

If you are running a very good Jupiter period and have a bad Saturn transit, it may be a minor bump in the road and it will not be devastating. If you are in a difficult Saturn period and have a difficult Saturn transit at the same time, it may throw you for a loop. Dashas and larger periods are 80% of timing and you need an accurate birth-time rectified to the minute to get a good prediction. Every minute off may impact timing by 3 – 4 days. Some studies reconciling birth certificate times with actual births show that hospitals can be 30 minutes off. Some countries, like India and Germany of course, are more accurate about getting the timing right.

Transits are key when a transit and dasha coincide. If you are running a Mars/Mercury period or a Mercury/Mars period and there is a Mars/Mercury planetary war, then there will be a huge impact to your chart but in another period and if Mars or Mercury does not rule you it may not mean much.

THE DIVISIONAL CHARTS: Too many people get caught up in the main chart (Rashi chart) but it is important to look for a manifestation in the divisional charts. If career is strong in the natal chart but is blocked in the D-10 or career chart, then it manifestation may not happen. (Vice-versa.) A strong divisional chart will not yield results if the natal chart is blocked. Some astrologers do not like to use divisional charts because of inaccurate birth times but there are simple techniques to rectify a chart quickly and be able to get the more microscopic information. They are vital information for uncovering the layers of karma or strands of DNA that will manifest.  We have developed an 12 week course on Division charts which is starting in October. 

MUTLIPLE DIMENSIONS:    The chart we are born with, the Rashi or natal chart does contain our major blueprint for this life-time and all charts come from it. Yet the D-9 chart dominates in our life when we get married or after we turn around 36.  The  Dasha lord chart from the rotated dasha lord in the first house is more revealing for reading the chart for what is happening in this larger chart. The same can be said for the Rashi Lord chart as there are 32 alternative dashas that are very revealing and a particularly sign or house will dominate sometimes in your life.  I am a Rahu period since 2009 which colors my psychology but my material existence can be understood most being in a Pisces period in Chara Dasha  since 2013 with Jupiter stationary in the 4th house in Gemini and it has brought me wonderful homes, teaching of Vedic astrology and not something that is obvious if you talked about the nature of Rahu in the 2nd in Sagitarrius. . In 2021, I go into an Aquarius period and my life will rotate into a more challenging period. 

Other charts are very revealing such as the Moon chart for our emotional and mental state, the Karakamsha Rashi chart for our spiritual purpose on the planet and how it manifests in the material world and even the Sun chart for revealing our spiritual life and work on the planet.    A good astrologer has to look at 6-7 charts to get a full idea of what is going on. 

ASTRO-LOCALITY: I recently wrote an article  on how moving far away enough from where you are born can change your chart and create a new rising sign with some different problems. Many astrologers fail to take this into account but we are not the same person when born in India and the living in the US. We may have some of the same natal chart karmic patterns but material work manifestations may be very different. I moved 1800 miles from my birth city of Chicago, Illinois to Sedona, Arizona in 1997 and went from Scorpio 7 degrees to Libra 20 degrees with an exalted Saturn at Libra 27. My life changed dramatically and it was not just being in a new city that was the impact of being Libra verses Scorpio.

(see my full article: See my article:

KARMA SHIFT: I do believe in karma shifts, which means if we were meant to get a bullet in the head, then with good deeds, charity work, service and meditation, maybe the bullet goes through our hat or grazes us. The more conscious we are, the more we can shift karma.

BLIND SPOTS: A good astrologer should throw light on our schools of karma and help us see unconscious patterns that we are blind toward. 12th house karma represents our blind spot because the 12th house is right before sunrise where we are blinded by glare of the rising sun and cannot see clearly.

So give astrology a chance from another perspective. It should do a lot more than predict the future and remember you do have free will so a reading may change your outcome!  I have a book coming out on this and am currently teaching a course on this which will be available soon to download and watch at your own pace. 

MICROSCOPIC DETAILS :  Every degree and 1/2 degree of the zodiac has microscopic information.  Twins born 2-3 minutes apart have different charts and are different people and that can be see in the D-60 chart which changes very two minutes but that chart also has important information on past lives and key karmic challenges from this life. Parashara gives great weight to this chart and it is considered more important than the D-9 or Navamsha chart but rarely used because it is hard to rectify unless you know secret techniques.   There are deities or psychological and karmic tendencies that go with each 1/2 degree of the zodiac that reveal deep karmic patterns. I had a client who was a graphic artist who was very involved in drawing bird who would impart spiritual wisdom.  When I looked at his D-60, he had a prominent planet connected to Kinnera, a deity that is often connected to be know as a bird-man.  

Our lives are infintely complex but describable and predictable. It is very easy to get caught in superficial analysis but we can probe more deeply and read the strands of DNA that make our lives unique. I invite you to dig deeper with your studies and your analysis to see the beauty and perfection of uncovering the ultimate mystery of why we are here on the planet and now to transform your suffering.

I will leave you with a line from one of my poems:

To God,

Jupiter must be a giant marble,

rolling  in the dunes

bouncing off of a sandy foot,

that has caressed a

mossy rock

drenched by misty fog

rolling over an awakened metropolis.

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The essential divisional charts are a deeper look into the Varga charts – the natal chart house values operating and how they manifest in someone’s life.

People born on the same day with the same rising sign are very different and even twins born minutes apart are very different.  Vedic astrology is like reading strands of DNA.  You can go very deep in understanding Karma when you look at the divisional charts and see how they interact with the main chart.

This course seeks to offer deeper depth into seeing the deeper values operating and when they manifest in someone’s life.  We will focus on the most used and needed Varga charts starting with Navamsha and also looking the  D-10 for the career which comes up often.

The D-3 which divides the sign into 3 parts is a very key chart for revealing a lot of hidden information about courage, sexuality, siblings, and health and needs more focus when looking at your chart and others charts.  Of course, we have to cover children which are so often asked about as well as property.

We will also teach techniques for rectifying people’s charts using the subtle variations in the Varga charts and focus on D-60 which Parashara gives great value to but which often is ignored because it changes every 2 minutes and has to be rectified to be useful.

A basic knowledge of Vedic astrology is required. The class is being geared to benefit basic astrological students as well as those with a more advanced background. Please email questions directly to Barry Rosen at

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Lesson 1: Introduction to  the Principles of Using Varga Charts for Refining Analysis 

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