The Psychology of the Astrological Houses and Human Development

The Psychology of the Astrological Houses and Human Development

The movement through life is intimately connected to the journey through the zodiacal signs, the houses. The first house is our birth, the 2nd moving into our family circle and the 3rd moving out of the house into our neighborhood.  The 4th house is connected to emotional development and moving out of the house and getting our own space. The 5th house is about expressing who we are and is to spiritual initiations,  creating  children and exerting our creativity energies in recreation, sports and drama.  The 6th house is about being disciplined and moving into everyday work. The 7th house is about partnership and relationship followed by the 8th house where a crisis divorce, accident or illness propels us into the 9th house to search for meaning in our life and find God and answers to why we suffer.   The 10th house shows our desire to have status and be recognized for the work we do and then once we are mature and have status we move into our community to do service work in groups in the 11th house.  At the 12th house we are learning the true meaning of service and sacrifice for others and desire to move off of the karmic wheel and attain moksha or enlightenment.

Below I am summarizing


The Aries phase is about learning that we are an individual on this planet with setbacks and recoveries learning the setbacks and limitations of life and learning self-trust and creativity to develop integrity and conviction.  The First house represents how we assert ourselves and how we impact the world around us.  It shows the energy of power and will to exert our existence often seen in competitive sports.


The Taurus or 2nd house phase represents our search for secure form and possessions in the material world and our desire to own—including our partner.  Here we take the creativity of Aries and its active nature to manifest form in terms of possessions, money and material possession in order to create a need for security. 2nd house is connected to family and the Taurus energy is searching for attachment and meaning in creating “my family.”  In family life we enjoy fun and joy cooking and shopping together to create family meaning with food and creatively expressing it.


Gemini seeks to link ideas and move beyond the world of possessions in order to explore, categorize, think communicate speech and writing. Here we attempt to move into the world of concepts to create an order in the world that we can grok and understand and which allows us to function more thoroughly. The third house is connected to neighbors where we move beyond our traditional family frame of reference into the outside.  This outer movement can beckon us to explore explore sexuality and express innate impulsive drives in moving outside of oneself.  The 3rd house want to function on a mental, intellectual level of communication.


The fourth house moves us into creating a sense of security outside of family unity and to find a place to hide when we need emotional security from the challenges of the outside world.  In nesting, building homes, we find safety and emotional security and a place to hide.  There is a new level of family create here which now extends beyond our birth family into the world.  We may suddenly have a sense to nurture others with cooking or with just providing a beautiful family space.  Suddenly we are moved beyond our birth family into create a new family.


As our security is set and stable, we now feel the need to be appreciated for our talent and we seek to show this off on the ball-field with sports or on the stage singing or dancing or acting. There is a strong need to feel a sense of self-worth and to shine and to make our mark in the world. Sometimes this may be in creating a new soul and that child becomes the ultimate expression of our creative talents.   At risk in the 5th house is the fear of failure, of bombing in the school play or we may have delusions of grandeur to hit the game winning home run and win the World Series and show the world how great we really are.


The 6th house is connected to everyday work and discipline to stay health. Here we have to learn to be of service to others and accomplish tasks with a high state of efficiency.  We have to bypass the need to be perfect which is not possible on the earthy plane.  We have to compete with our enemies at work and rise above sniping and egos to get the job done.  We have to learn to take care of our bodies, our diet in order to be able to go to work regularly and we have to avoid addictive behaviors that are a respite from the emotional challenges of everyday work.  The 6th house requires us to accept own faults and not be hard or critical on ourselves.


The 7th house beckons us to be happy, to have fun and joy with others and to play. If we get too involved here we get into sexual overindulgence which robs us of our heath and vitality.   Venus here requires us to be peaceful and work together with other and not compete to glorify being right or to compete.  Here we have to learn to connect and if we fail, we end up with inwardly exploding volcanic storms of self-deprecation.  Relationship is a house that robs us of vitality when it does not work and gives us back problems and as we ruminate about the imperfections of others rather than seeing the mirror they hold up to us.


Kundalini energy is very powerful.  Channeled upward it creates deep mystical experience in a desire to merge with the Divine. Channel downward it can create sexual ecstasy which is somewhat momentary, addictive and sometimes draining. The 8th house beckons us to find the Transcendent and get initiated into the spiritual world to move beyond the surprises and shocks of accidents, divorces and acute illness.  The 8th house forces us to integrate the Libra experience of togetherness into  a deeper world beyond the pain of divorce and sexual longing.  Very often the love of partnership seeks to expand human sexuality into intense emotional experience in order to create something deeper.   Ultimately Scorpio has to become the Phoenix who can transform his deep love and emotion and kundalini energy into a deeper love and ideally a Divine Love.   Can Scorpio move beyond selfish Martian energy and merge into something deeper?


Shaken from the surprises of the 8th house, we seek to find meaning in the world and understand our suffering in something more universal.  We reach into philosophy and religion and spirituality to make sense of our troubled emotional world.   Sometimes this leads to fanatical expression as we seek to convert the world to our new inner peace.  Sometimes we have to travel to a foreign country on a spiritual pilgrimage to find Ourself.  In the end we need to move beyond everyday work and family and relationship and understand our self from a larger perspective.


Being a somebody and being seen in the planet is so important for the Sun. We seek to achieve status and be recognized for our talents and when it does not happen, we suffer intensely.  In the 10th house, we seek to get a bit bigger than our small self and family and start thinking more of what we can do for society at the workplace.  With Capricorn, we patiently endure restrictions and rules and frustrations and hard work in order to gain status in society.


As we grow in status at work, we seek to share out talents with our community and humanity and move beyond our small ego into something bigger. How can we benefit mankind and our fellow-man?  There may be a need to destroy the out-moded values of society (Rahu) in order to help rebuild and reshape a new society.  The darker side may lead to joining destructive counter-culture forms of society and be revolutionary in order to advance society—or so they think.   There is great Weltsmertz and deep suffering in the 11th house when our political and humanitarian ideals fail to make progress.  Aquarians must suffer deep pain if they fail the call to help society but often they have to move beyond the radical and find the universal in order to change society.


In Pisces, there is a seek to merge into the Oneness of the Universe after the frustrations of societal and political change have failed.  We seek  to merge into the boundless and be freed of the craziness of the world.  Here we are in danger of becoming too empathetic and sympathetic to the feelings of others and we can get lost. Ultimately we have to move to toward the mystical in service to others and do great sacrifice to help the planet form a more perfect Union.

Special thanks to the following authors for their insights that have spurred some of my thinking:

Noel Eastwood: Psychological Astrology and the 12 Houses; Karen Hamaker-Zondag: Psychological Astrology; Bruno and Louise Huber: The Astrological Houses: A Psychological View of Man and His World

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