We have made it through the deepest point of the Sun’s debilitation on Oct. 27th and so one hurdle is behind us and we have to be grateful that the larger planets of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are not not retrograde anymore  and we can move forward after the frustrations of the summer.  The emotional intensity of the Venus combustion is also ending by Oct. 30th but of course there are always new planetary gyrations on the horizon.

We have written about the positive transits of Mars and Jupiter this past week with Jupiter moving into Anuradha nakshatra (Scorpio 3.20-16.4) until Dec. 25th and supporting spiritual development, wisdom, meditation and spiritual networking.  Mars moved  into the constellation of  Dhanishta (Capricorn 23.20-Aquarius 6.40) which promotes wealth through real estate and land development.  Mars is at its deepest point of exaltation for the 2 year cycle on Oct. 31st at 27 degree Capricorn bringing a high point for energy, adventure, competition and should make the end o of the World Series exciting and bring high energy to football and the beginning of basketball season. As it moves toward changing sign Nov. 4-6th, it loses energy (sandhi 29-1 degrees) and the contract of the exaltation energy of the summer will feel lost as is moves into Aquarius where it will stay until Dec. 23rd. We will write about Mars in Aquarius later in the week.

Rahu will be trining Mercury from Cancer to Scorpio with the energy peaking into Oct. 31st and  Jupiter is now within a 3 degree aspect of Rahu which peaks in the mean  node system on Nov. 9th and still has a 3 degree impact through Nov. 20th.  Jupiter/Rahu aspects can create wild expansionary energies and increase desires for buying and should support a nice and very sharp recovery in the stock market which is rather beaten up.  Make sure you make rational and sound decisions about purchases and not get caught up in feverishness.

Rahu is impacting the water signs and Jupiter in particular so if  Scorpio rising, watch out for unethical behavior or schemes from friends that will impact you in the future. If you are Cancer rising and in a Rahu period, make sure you stay ethicial in all of your undertakings. Pisces rising may be impacted by the karma of past unethical behavior.   It is possible based on your rising sign and what planets are connected to Scorpio that you could be positively impacted by Rahu also. In the end, Rahu gives and takes away so remember to tithe your gains to help others and create new karma for the future.

Rahu’s aspect on Mercury this week is occurring exactly into Oct. 31st but impacting a few days before and afterwards,  should promote a strong desire to work with people from foreign countries or buy foreign products or a craving for a foreign land.  The connection with Jupiter brings out the higher energy here but Geminis and Virgos may have clouded thinking and feel under attack or anxious or distrustful from the aspect.

We also have the Mercury/Jupiter planetary war on Monday. October 29th  with Jupiter winning so Geminis and Virgos may feel be impacted with Pollyanna attitudes, lazing thinking and missing opportunities because it is happening in Saturn’s nakshatra and Saturn is rather afflicted in transit.  At best it may promote clear speaking and writing and business wisdom if you have a strong natal chart connection between Mercury and Jupiter in your chart.

The nodes are changing Padas (segments of 3 degrees and 20 minutes)  in the Mean node system on Nov. 1st with Rahu going into Pushya/1  (Cancer 3.20-6.40) ruled by Leo and Ketu moving into Uttarshadha/3 (Capricorn 3.20-6.40) ruled by Aquarius and we will have to write a separate article about this later in the week.

Our hearts go out to the families of those who were impacted by the shooter in Pittsburgh. As my friend Juliana Swanson pointed out last spring, the impact of Uranus squaring Ketu tightly around 4-6 degrees from  Capricorn to Aries   over the next few months may create more surprising accidents and violence through the end of the year.  We have had too much already this week.   We also have Mars opposing the eclipse point on Oct. 29th from the August lunar eclipse in Cancer at 25 degrees and it is said that this kind of transit can trigger some of the latent eclipse energies so more violent surprises on Monday and Tuesday would not be shocking and we have to be alert for accidents and put our attention on peace as the collection attention of mind can impact the world.

Stay away from the negative media that makes us afraid to go out of the house and that energy feeds the dark forces and increases our fear.  Instead, use the time to donate to good causes or do volunteer work and make a difference.      Still with Saturn in Pada/4  (Sagittarius  10-13.20) surprises separating us from loved ones and material attachments (ie the huge losses in the stock market the last week) are potentially there in our lives  although we do think the stock market will stage a two week recovery from Monday and we are not looking for a crash this fall.

Have a great week and go out and make a difference this month. Mars in Aquarius  in Nov and December should inspire action to create a better world for humanity and it is badly needed.

Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like reading very specific strands of DNA.

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