Moon in Gemini today is reinforcing Mercury’s energy  and as the Sun moves toward Saturn now into Jan. 1-2nd, we need more laughter to get rid of any pre-holiday heaviness. Mercury is always the jokester and rules comedians so we need to laugh more to get through heaviness.  Get out those funny movies and stay entertained to day to deal with any of the heaviness of Ardra Nakshatra (Gemini 6.40-20.00) where deep transformational energy is up.

Mercury has  had a long haul of miscommuncations and misadventures and weird technical problems due to its  association with Saturn most of November and December due to the retrograde energy and direct movement through the constellation of Anuradha (Scorpio 3.20-16.40) but that is ending today as Mercury goes into its own constellation of Jyestha, where it tries to create boundaries for the intellect.  This transit may continue to create agitation for Virgos and Geminis because Scorpio is owned by the fiery Mars and Ketu . Still it is getting ready  to move beyond the material world of the last months from  transiting from Leo-Scorpo and now into the spiritual realm that begins with the 9 constellations from Mula to Revati which are considered satvic and bring deeper spiritual and creative energies.

Jyestha means “eldest.” The deity of this constellation is Indra, king of the gods and is connected to rain and the abundance it brings in agricultural wealth. It is very connected to prosperity and Donald Trump has his moon in this constellation. The king of the gods, Indra is a bit robust, proud, vain, tricky and undefinable sometimes. When we read stories about Indra from the Puranas   its no wonder that the Trump is perceived has those qualities.  If Mercury is poorly afflicted in a chart, then its darker qualities come out with with misuse of power, authority and vanity  as well as sexual con-questing so if you have these tendencies, be aware of them during this transit.

Jyestha is very concerned about what other people think and they need respect and attention. Again in our material world, this energy can get channeled into excessive headless vanity and show and create mob leaders, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

If your ascendant, Sun (born Dec. 3-15) or Moon are in this constellation, and Mercury is weak in your chart in Pisces or Aries or Aquarius or Cancer,  you may be prone to moaning and groaning, jealousy and vindictiveness and wanting to put others down.  When Jyestha is positive and Mercury is strong in the chart, people with this constellation want to help the weak, the helpless and the underprivileged. They protect others and the energy from Indra give great leadership qualities and often cares for the poor and underprivileged.

The gana or type created by this constellation is the Rakshasa or demonic character. Demons are not all bad and that is also true of Trump  in his quest to change out-moded and non-functioning aspects of society so there are good demons. Mercury rules this constellation which give it its deceptive, cunning and childlike nature and reminds us of Trump  again.

The most difficult part of the transit is Dec. 30-1 in the gandanta or knotted area (Scorpio 27-30)  where difficult psychological churning and emotional upheaval can rise up and difficult problems turn up that seem hard   to unravel. This can be a deep and trans-formative time if you can go into the darkness and shadow which is why Scorpio is often so difficult to deal with it.  Spiritual experience and meditation are often the solution here if you can by-pass spiritual escape and spiritual by-passing.

Venus will be in this constellation Jan. 17-29th and not a happy place for Venus but we will write more about this next month.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their insights into this constellation.


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