This is a summary of Jan. 2019.  A page like this for every month will be covered  in our Vedic Astrological Transit Guide for 2019-20 .  Larger articles on each of these events will also be covered.


Saturn conjunct the Sun starts the New Year in 2019 on a somber note but Saturn is Cazimi which can deeply spiritualize the energy but still leaves us a bit depressed the first few weeks of January until it completes its combustion on Jan. 16thIf you are Capricorn or Aquarius rising or Saturn Atmakaraka, the exact conjunction of the Sun late on Jan. 1st into Jan 2nd can have a very powerful spiritual energy that brings Saturn to its highest possible energy and is a great day for meditation and service work.

Venus move into Scorpio on Jan. 1st also leaving the friendly confines of Libra to move into enemy territory where sexual passions are stirred and deep psychological grunge comes up to be healed.  Venus is only afflicted by a trine from Rahu and a conjunction by Jupiter and both of those aspects can create impulsive buying and sexual and sensual indulgences so watch that extra piece of cheesecake and leave your cards home at the mall if you go shopping with a friend.   Venus trines Rahu exactly into Jan. 3-4 in the true node system and will be felt most on Friday, January 4th, the day ruled by Venus.

We also have a  Partial Solar Eclipse Jan. 5-6th which will be visible in the Northeast of China, Mongolia, Japan and eastern Russia and the western most part of Alaska.  Eclipses impact the countries that they are visible in most and not sure we need to activate problems in China which is a Capricorn rising country with the eclipse happening in the 12th house of loss and expenditures at about 22 degrees Sagittarius. If you have planets or the sun or moon or ascendant close to 20-24 degrees Sagittarius, you will feel the impact the omst.

Uranus goes stationary direct at Aries 5 degrees  on January 6th restoring power to technological advances and invention.  While easy to predict, the 7 years of Uranus in Aries will foster new military weapons and inventions and we have seen much in the news already about new Chinese and Russian supersonic planes.

Sun is conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius at 26 degrees on Jan. 11th.  This may mark and trigger a new crisis or transformation in the Trump vs. the Deep State battle that has pitted the dark forces that run our government like the CIA and FBI and their battle with the President who seems to have aligned himself with the US military generals.

This has been playing out for the past few years since the election but we think that a huge trigger will happen around this conjunction and continue with Pluto conjunct the South Node (Ketu) in the mean node system on March 28th but having a strong orb of influence of 3 degrees March through early May.  Throw Saturn into the mix within 3 degrees this spring and you will get a lot of intensity. The last time we had Saturn/Pluto/Ketu conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius was in 1517 when Martin Luther started the Reformation.  Expect Vatican scandals to move to the forefront this spring and they may not be able to cover-up their pedophile mess and many may leave the church over the coming years as the truth comes out.

Sun moves into Capricorn on Jan. 14th to start the new Vedic year and start the upward march of the Sun’s energy into July and the start of a new business cycles and business expansion energy.   Called Makara Sankranti.  It is a larger event than you might imagine.  In the Vedic calendar, it is the real beginning of the New Year where the days start lengthening, and more light descends on the planet.  Surya, the Sun God, is regarded as the symbol of divinity and wisdom, and is one of the most important planets (heavenly bodies) of the zodiac and our daily lives. It represents a new kind of New Year – a “new beginning” for which we want to strengthen the Sun within in our lives.

Total Lunar Eclipse on Monday, January 21st at 7 degrees Cancer will be impact and be visible in most of North and South America, the eastern Pacific, Euro and Middle East and most of Africa so it has a huge coverage and it is occurring on a Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. This is probably the most powerful eclipse of the year and has wide coverage and will impact many countries. If you are running a Rahu/Moon or Moon/Rahu period and have key planets 5-9 degrees of Cancer or are Cancer or Capricorn rising ,  it will impact you most.  Good time to meditate during eclipses and avoid major decisions.

Mercury moves into Capricorn on Jan. 20th and is conjunct the Sun on January 29th creating a buzzy ad busy mind and Venus moves into Sagittarius on January 29th and will be moving toward conjunction with Saturn in Feb. and this always deflates expansion energy.

Mars gets trined by Jupiter into January 25th between Scorpio and Pisces creating a rich spiritual association and connection for spiritual courage and transformation. The impact of this will be felt the last few week of January particularly for the signs of Scorpio and Pisces but Sagittarius and Aries will feel it but not without some 12th house challenges.  The aspect is even more powerful because Scorpio and Pisces are in a Parivartana Yoga or exchanging signs and what ever houses are involved are positive impacted.  The water signs get a huge spiritual upliftment from this exchange but people not on a spiritual path may not be able to handle the intense moksha energy and move toward drugs, alcohol or TV binging to escape intense emotions.

This is a summary of Jan. 2019.  Larger articles on each of these events will be covered in our 2019-20 Vedic Astrological Transit Guide.

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