In Part 1, we discussed how debilitated planets force us to learn lessons around the values of those planets and that we have to work 3 times as hard to make those issues work.   Still sometimes, if we have a debilitated planet, it may help us and create  challenges that  becomes are greatest asset. If we work hard on the things that we are not good with then sometimes we can excel at them.  This may show up if the planet is debilitated in the D-1 chart but strong in the D-9 chart.  Maybe after 35-40 years we have learned to master the energy and sometimes we do not.

Again in looking at debilitated planets, one has to also consider what houses they own and if they are good planets for the chart and if they are natural benefics or malefics.   If the chart lord is debilitated it may mean health issues or low energy. If it is owns good houses, we may have to work hard to manifest those good qualities. If it is a malefic and afflicted, its darker qualities may come out.

Given that the D-9 and the D-60 chart are so important for chart analysis, pay attention to debilitated planets in these charts also as they are very revealing about hidden qualities and past life karma from the D-60.

I have put together a guide to why planets are debilitated in different signs and for time sake. This is part 2.

SATURN IN ARIES:  Luckily Saturn is only debilitated for 2.5 years every 29 and is rather rare but debilitated Saturn can turn up in the D-9 chart and have an impact and a retrograde exalted Saturn may act like a debilitated Saturn according to Parashara.   The tendency is for self-willed, impulsive and undisciplined behavior in Aries which contrasts with Saturn’s conservative, disciplined nature.  Saturn in the 1st sign of the zodiac is Marana Karaka Stana as Saturn in Aries creates  fear rather than grounded action based in the base chakra where it grounds the body and creates infrastructure.  Saturn is not alert in Aries to the fact that it can be creating new karma for the future that it have to be payback so it is a bit reckless about its responsibility to be ethical and righteous  and hence karmic baggage for the future is built up as the soul is not responsible. of being Saturn. Saturn’s debilitation reminds the soul that it is important to pay back what you owe all the time otherwise, you are forever adding to your karmic baggage. Saturn in Aries appears not to take its soul responsibilities seriously, unless it changes, then they will create more baggage than they pay back. Saturn by nature needs to exercise caution and proper planning and not be rushed which is what Aries creates. This can lead  to the air element getting out of balance leading to excessive fear and anxiety.

Saturn gets debilitated in the constellation of Bharani, which is a very sexual nakshatra which goes against Saturn’s natural meditative and ascetic nature so Saturn placed here may have strong sexual drive but is plagued by guilt creating a difficult situation.

Saturn will delay self-esteem until it is successful at work and can provide security and for themselves and others.  In Aries it is too reckless and undisciplined to be successful.  Sometimes can lead to laziness or inertia which than can explode into anger and rash behavior

For Capricorn:  Saturn may block  happiness and makes Capricorns an impulsive risk-taker and avoiding responsibilities creating anger and depression.

For Aquarius: Aquarians may become too impulsive when taking action and may be prone to fighting wrong battles for their humanitarian spirit.


Mercury is debilitated in Pisces because the idealistic and humanitarian energy of Pisces is at odds with the philosophical and probing intellect.  Getting caught up in spiritual idealism weakens the intellect.  Emotional Mercury cannot think rationally in Pisces and this puts Mercury out of its very nature. . The practical earthy quality of Mercury exalted in Virgo  gets unbalanced and this is not good for worldly affairs.  Mercury in Pisces can create depression, nervousness, talking too much and superficial values.

The bright side of Mercury in Pisces is that it can lead to spiritual awakening and lead to understanding the broader more universal values of our existence. Still, the  practical businessman, Mercury, may not be good at handling finances if other parts of the chart are lacking.

Mercury in Pisces can be too emotional and be out of its essential nature to intellectually probe and may get more caught up in the emotional oneness and love of Pisces.  This may lead to poor judgment and difficult choices being made.   Still the imaginative side of Pisces may flourish leading to creating great fiction or fantasy writers or develop powerful intuition.

For Gemini: Debilitation in the 10th – Bad career decision or the ability to act and make choice to foster one’s career create deep frustration for Gemini Rising.  If Mercury is not serious about work then once the fun wears off of the current job, they tend to move to the next one and fail to develop a meaningful career.

For Virgo: Debilitated in the 7th:   For Virgo rising, they lack discrimination in relationship and may be more emotional in their choice of attracting partners.  Hence they become vulnerable in relationships and make bad choices are are took keen on trying to fix or improve their partners.  They may attract difficult business partners if they are too idealistic in not checking them out and their skill sets.  They may lack the ability to do anything practical and constructive to change their lives.


The Sun is debilitated in Libra where it sacrifices its principles and leadership abilities to get along with people and do it together. In doing so they sacrifice their Vision  and lose confidence.   It would rather do things together than be independent and then be subject to the challenges of working in groups and dealing with dissenting opinions and loses its power to lead.   While being more diplomatic, people born with Sun in Libra (Oct. 17-Nov. 16) they often fail to inspire or draw upon their power.  The Sun is out of it essential nature when it is not pursuing its spiritual dharma and desire to be alone and meditate and instead it seeks fulfillment in relationships. Since the Sun is connected to Shiva and pursuing the Divine in order to attain liberation, if it gets too caught up in sexual intrigue in Libra, it loses power to move the energy up for enlightenment.

The Sun is debilitated in the constellation of Swati (Libra 6.40-20) which is one of the more material constellations of the zodiac that enjoys pleasure and material things and this further takes the Sun out of its natural element and pursuit of the highest.

The Sun in Libra loses its self-confidence and ability to do things by itself in working with others, it loses its power.  It may suffer deeply if rejected in a relationship and get caught in the maya of relationships and keep it bound to the suffering of the material world.

Debilitated Sun may lack confidence that was not given from a strong father and this may also lead to failed relationship power and development of a strong masculine core.

If the Sun has no other major afflictions from Saturn or Rahu or Ketu, then the positive side of Sun in Libra is that it may create humble souls who are capable of working for the good of mankind in humanitarian groups and not get caught up in power and ego trips.  I have seen this very positive quality in working with people at ashrams when there are a large number of people celebrating birthdays between Oct. 17-Nov.16th.

Leo: If you are Leo rising and have a debilitated Sun, you may be subject to health issues and be lacking the inner courage and leadership qualities to inspire other and instead may turn into a tyrannical boss who is more interested in being right than inspiring others.

Special thanks to my Jyotish teachers and colleagues and especially  Komilla Sutton, Sanjay Rath and Sam Geppi for their insights.


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