Its Tuesday and time to talk about Mars!

Mars transits into a new constellation of Krittika know by the West as the Pleiades (see cover photo) or the 7 Sisters  on March 16th and stays there until April 10th. Mars and Sun are friends and it promotes courage and leadership and is good transit. If the fire energy is too strong from this association it would seem working out that energy watching adventure movies would help and let’s hope the military does not get more trigger happy. When Mars moves into Taurus March 22-May 7th it will tone down some of the fire.  The Sun will be in Pisces during the transit promoting spiritual adventures and experience so good time to do a meditation or yoga retreat.

Mars is in the Capricorn pada 2 (Taurus 0-3.20) March 23-27th and past the sandhi, or transitional juncture which is a vulnerable area (0-1 degree Taurus) by March 24th.  As Mars gets stronger March 24-April 6th in this constellation, strong goals, pride and achievement will develop, strong digestive and sexual prowess will be developed, good leadership and commitment will develop. It is a good transit for getting things done and getting good action out of your teammates at work or in sports competitions.

If you were born with Mars in Krittika, you are a calm, dedicated warrior and protector but are easy to anger. You must think the hot combination of Sun in Aries, and Mars being in a constellation owned by the Sun is going to be intense for some but great for protectors of our society if they can stay balanced.

Western astronomers connect this constellation with the Pleiades, or the seven sisters. The ruling planet of the constellation is the Sun with Agni, the God of Fire, as the residing deity. The shakti of this lunar mansion is ‘the power to burn away the negativity to get to the truth’. Given all the smoke and mirrors with politics and the media, this energy will be welcome. It has a stronger nature for fulfilling material desires and its symbol is a razor which cuts through the “bull” to get through to the truth. The constellation allows one to go through extreme purification and get through blocks on the path.


Mars will have a sneaky 8th house aspect onto Jupiter in Scorpio from Aries to Scorpio exactly on  March 21st but it will be felt mostly on April 20-22nd and Jupiter is weak at the very end of Scorpio at the end of the sign where it is weak.  While the two planets are friends, Mars can afflict Jupiter by creating  erratic and volatile finances.  There a weak yoga here with Mars aspecting Jupiter in its own sign but there is a difficult 6/8 house relationship between the two planets and this could imbalances in judgment and unjustified optimism that may turn into bad decisions around finances.  Be cautious about overtaxing your own strength on a psychological or physical level  to avoid health imbalances or accidents.  Both planets are at the edges of their signs and are out of balance so their darker energies may come forth.  Pisces and Sagittarius may be most impacted by poor decisions and emotional imbalances.

MARS IN TAURUS – March 22nd – May 6th 2019

Mars transits into Taurus on March 22nd and the first few days it is a bit wobbly as it gets ready to change signs and this can hurt risk-taking and increase problems with aggression and certainly the global saber-rattling with Iran is a possible vulnerable area. Mars in Taurus is charming and gets afflicted by sexual energies and may go off its dutiful path. Jupiter will be opposing  March 6th as Jupiter is left in limbo land for a few months. Still for young lovers, it can be a passionate transit when fights are not breaking out.   The transit promotes great relationship energy and fun and affection and love sports and amusement. You also have good sales talent with persuasive and nurturing energies. The transit will highlight some of these qualities.

Mars will benefit its own sign of Scorpio mostly by a 7th house aspect and hurt Saturn with a sneaky 8th house aspect which is exact around May 1-2nd and that will increase fear in the world. The 8th house aspect to Jupiter’s sign will also increase aggression for that already bellicose sign of Sagittarius, which is the ascendant of the US, so the exact aspect of Mars to the US ascendant around April 1st may increase aggression by the US or from its enemies with Taurus being the US’s sixth house. If you are Taurus rising, you might find yourself in more heated battles in relationship, but Venus will be still strong in Pisces April 16-May 9th the whole transit, so love quarrels may turn more passionate than aggressive.

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