Secrets of the 8th House: And It Is Really a Secret

The 8th house, like its natural counterpart the 8th sign of the zodiac Scorpio, is a mystical, sexual, trans-formative place filled with mystery, surprise, and highly charged energy. Its transits are dreaded but once mastered, they can bring us major life transformation and new light to move toward liberation and freedom.

The 8th house is like the magician’s magical box. Anything that goes in it can be transformed. Will the lady get sawed in half and become a different person entirely?  While many dread 8th house transits and dashas, we can understand and embrace them for deep knowledge and transformation.

The 8th house represents the transcendental void that we often experience at the deepest point of meditation. It is a place where we dive into the core of our Divinity, recharge and emerge deeply rested and refreshed. A place where we can manifest our wishes as the secret of the 8th house is to desire, transcend, let go, and let the Divine manifest what we want. Hence, the 8th house is a powerful house placement for wish fulfillment if we are on the spiritual path and we know the secrets of manifesting, desiring, and letting go.

The 8th house traditionally governs research, addictions, Kundalini energy, occult power, knowledge of astrology, and longevity. If we master it, we can use its knowledge to unfold enlightenment or Moksha.  The magical knowledge of the Guru is contained in this house who will then unfold it for the devotee, the seeker of truth and liberation.

Eighth house placements reveal secret weaknesses of the chart and can bring unexpected surprises that test the transformation of the soul. They force us to overcome our problems in the material world and move us toward spirituality and the Divine. When we miss the calling and lessons of the 8th house, then we can suffer acute illness and have painful lessons. Here we are taught the painful lessons of death, endings, transformations, and nightmarish murky dreams but if we can find the energy for spiritual transformation, we can move through this troubled realm. The secret of the 8th house is that we must turn to spirituality, yoga, meditation, and spiritual initiations if we are to overcome our challenges.

The 8th house is a very sexual house, which reveals our Kundalini shakti. In our early life, we may not know what to do with this powerful and intense energy that we have to engage in fits of Scorpion passion and mating in order to find peace but usually this leads to sexual addiction when the energy goes down the spine. People with planets here are sexual beings. They often have problems with sexual relations and it forces them to look at their Kundalini energy and discover that no amount of copulation will satisfy their deep longing for the Divine. If one can get to spiritual initiation and meditation, then we can fulfill the calling of the 8th house.

The 8th house is always a game changer and beckons us to explore our inner world. This may come about as our material existence, or our health may suddenly be uprooted by surprises and we must use these challenges to seek something greater and bigger in our life. We are more than our physical body or bank account. We must dive into the mysterious darkness of the transcendental world to discover our Divinity or suffer the anguish of the 8th house.

The 8th house can bring up great fear but that is only there to lead us toward self-discovery to uncover our true Being. Only when we drop into the mysterious void can we discover our own infinity. The 8th house may create challenges with health to force us to learn that we are bigger than our physical body and that we are truly infinite.

Still the magic of the 8th house, if its lord is well-placed and planets here are not afflicted, is that it can bring great financial boons:

  • Jupiter – Bank money or interest or insurance
  • Venus – Gifts or legacy from opposite sex, wealth/dowry from marriage or partner’s income
  • Mercury – Business loans, sudden gains from Intellectual work or skills, partner’s money, financial help from in-laws
  • Moon – Gains from dead, sudden cash inflow, wills
  • Sun – Gains from father, paternal property
  • Mars – Gains from real estate, land
  • Saturn – Gains from agricultural land, mines,
  • Rahu – Gains from in-laws, paternal grandfather, gambling
  • Ketu – Gains from maternal grandfather

8th house dashas and transits bring change and transformation. When we resist the call for change, we suffer. Look at the messenger here and let go of the past and what does not serve you any longer. Change of profession is likely if the time period of 8th lord operates. Saturn here will bring long life but could still create long suffering.

Certain rising signs will not be tainted by the 8th house and it will not be considered a malefic. For Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius signs, the 8th lord is not considered malefic. That is why for Sagittarius rising, the Moon is a good friend even though it is lord of the 8th house.

The 8th house is a place of acute illness. With 6th house illness, we can use diet, exercise, and discipline to overcome the challenges, but 8th house illness is more acute, karmic, and harder to transform. Major malefic aspects to the 8th house may cause painful death and incurable diseases. Too many planets in the 8th house can create multiple and complex health issues.

Remember the call of the 8th house to move to something bigger, and your illness may be overcome with grace and spiritual initiation.  Embrace the mysteries of the 8th house. Move beyond sexual desire to yearning for true freedom. Embrace the calling here and realize that you are so much bigger than this body, your bank account, and your material existence, and use the energy of the 8th house to transform your life so you will be truly free.

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