Dealing with Digressions and the Moon’s Wobbles


It’s Monday ruled by the Moon and the Moon is in Scorpio today and uplifted a bit by Jupiter but Jupiter is at the end of the sign, Rahu is at the end of Gemini  and things are wobbling.  What do we do with the emotion?

We are a planet of distractions and will do anything not to deal with our emotions and the mind.  We endless flip through our cell phones, binge on Netflix, stuff food into our mouth and the rest of the population will have a few drinks, numb their emotional body with cigarettes or drugs or work themselves into exhaustion and fatigue until they fall  asleep.

What are we afraid feeling? Our fears, our self-deprecating thoughts, our dissatisfaction of who we are and where our life is?  We are afraid of our own mind as if all the garbage coming out were real.  Eckart Tolle reminds us that 99% of our thoughts are garbage.  We have to meditate enough to have enough self-awareness so that we can witness the garbage, not get engaged in it and then kind ask it to leave.  We have to accept and love it and we often have to  feel where it is originating in our bodies so we can feel that area and help release it.  It takes being conscious rather than doing activities that make us unconscious.   If we accept and love those parts of us that need healing, then our attention can shift and release it.  It takes effort and awareness.

If we are conscious enough, we can catch our thoughts and emotions and behavioral patterns before they spout. “Oh, there I go again with my victim pattern.  Gee that’s not useful. Lets choose another way to look at the problem.” You have a choice to wallow and  enjoy your swim in the sewer water, or you can make new choices decide not to go there. You are not a victim and if you stay conscious and aware, you can make new choices.

The moon changes signs every 2.25 days so the mind will not stay stuck in one place and it changes nakshatras every day so there is a different planetary influence on the mind every day.  There are other components that change.  Know that the depression, the weird thoughts and emotions can be shifted. Do more meditation, yoga and exercise and that will help. Watch your diet and do not eat junk food or food cooked by angry people who do not want to be at their jobs. Their energy gets transferred to what you eat and impacts your thinking.

Embrace your emotions, your mind, love the moon and gets its blessings and you will flow in love.  Have a great Monday!

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