The New Year in Vedic Astrology Starts April 5, 2019

Whereas Western culture delights in January New Year predictions, the Vedic New Year calendar is often run from the new Moon in the spring after the spring solstice for the capital city of a country. Because the rules for this chart the ruler of the New Year is assigned to be Venus this year. The chart is cast by the capital city of your country for the new moon and predictions for the New Year are made accordingly. So, the US new Moon is at 4:51 a.m. before Sunrise on Friday, April 5th so the ruler of the year goes to Venus and the Vara for after Sunrise which is pretty good with Venus and Mercury in the 1st in Aquarius for 2019-2020. If the New Moon is after sunrise then the ruler of the year becomes the next day of the week. In Europe, the new moon is at 10:21 a.m. on Friday, April 5th so the ruler of the year becomes Saturn and moves to the next day which is more problematic for Europe with Gemini rising and Saturn and Ketu in the 7th.

In the Vedic calendar, there is a deity or God that governs each year and they rotate each year for 60 years which are connected to the Jupiter and Saturn returns. That suggests that just like last time when Jupiter was in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius.

According to Neelam of Astrobytes:

Samvatsara’ roughly means the period of one full year. The time in which the Planet Jupiter with his average speed crosses the journey of one sign is referred to as ‘Samvatsara’. There occur twelve (12) Samvatsaras when Jupiter completes one complete round of the Zodiac. While moving in the Zodiac, Jupiter happens to reach sometimes near the Earth and sometimes far away from it. Besides, it also comes in contact with auspicious or inauspicious rays during its journey. It is because of this fact that the effects of every ‘Samvatsara’ become different. Sixty Samvatsaras repeat again and again in a cycle. At the beginning of creation Jupiter and Saturn were on the zero degree of Aries. The average daily motion of Saturn is two (2) Kalas (minutes). Therefore, it takes full thirty (30) years in revolving around the Zodiac. The average daily motion of Jupiter is five (5) Kalas, (minutes). Therefore, it takes full twelve (12) years in completing its journey in the twelve (12) signs of the Zodiac.”

Hence, we are going to have influence like we had in 1959 – 1960 and 1899 -1900.

Here is what the Vedic texts say if you were born this year, which last was seen between March 1959 – 1960: ”

The native born in the ‘Samvatsara’ of ‘Vikari’ is extremely stubborn (obstinate), skilled or experienced in all the arts, has a tendency to collect things, a restless mind, is deceitful or cunning, has the habit of speaking too much and without purpose and does not have belief in his friends.”

According with Jataka Parijata, the person born in the year Vikari (2019-2020 AD) “will be sickly, cowardly, indigent, irresolute and of an ignoble nature.”

We can look back in time and see what past Vikari years were like and what might again be the impact:

We have to be concerned about the cold war. In 1959, the US and Soviet Union banned military activity on Antarctica but recent actions there suggest that counties are wanting to use that area for military activity.

In 1959, there was a lot of political activity in countries like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and am wondering if more will develop in that region.

In 1899-1900:

The First Hague Peace Conference was opened in The Hague by Willem de Beaufort, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Maybe this bodes well for some settlement around US/European tensions.

Gold was discovered in Nome, Alaska, leading to the Nome Gold Rush. With Jupiter going into Sagittarius in November 2019-December 2020 and with paper money on the fall, we would expect gold to come back to life in a big way. Just read an article that the Chinese have found a way to transform copper into Gold and this could have a huge impact on metal prices.

The Gold Standard Act was ratified, placing the United States currency on the gold standard.  There have been rumblings by some including Trump that this is necessary and it would not be shocking to see this happen as Russia and China have been accumulating gold so they can back their currencies with gold and make them more attractive and move the world away from the Petrodollar. The US would be forced to counter to protect the dollar.  In the end, a crisis around paper money is inevitable over the coming years.

On June 2, 1899, the first Philippine Republic officially declared war against the United States. The war officially ended on July 2, 1902, with a victory for the United States. Tensions are strong between the US and the Philippines again and we wonder if they might increase although certainly a war will not happen.


ANNUAL CHART FOR WASHINGTON, DC set for 4:51 a.m., on April 5, 2019

(Note:Having trouble inserting the chart here but will work on it with my team)

Note: These annual charts are always contextual to the natal chart of the countries and the dashas they are running so see those sections and we will have to integrate all the perspectives.

The Ruler for the Year in North America and South America chart is Venus. Venus is well placed in Aquarius in the 1st house and with Mercury supporting business and commerce for the New Vedic Year for North and South America and supporting better trade relationships and technological and biomedical advancement and growth with Venus in the tech-happy nakshatras of Shatabisha.

Still the US is a Sagittarius rising and all the tensions in transit between Saturn/Mars and Rahu/Ketu in the 1/7 axis are going to create great upheavals for the US in May and June in transit, but the annual chart has Mars placed in the 4th creating problems in the US housing market as the bubble breaks. Given the annual chart, the US would fare better than the rest of the world in 2019-2020.

The recent withdrawal from Syria may be an indication that Trump is realizing that the US cannot bully the world anymore and it is losing its status in that realm. He would rather move into more successful world and trade relationships and the chart for the US for the New Year reinforces that notion.

The President is seen from the 10th house which has a strong Mars aspecting its own sign in Scorpio and continuing aggressive energies from Trump but co-ruler Ketu is with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn is too close so will create great tension. With the 4/10 connection with Mars, we have to wonder if we have to worry about a Presidential heart condition this year.

The despositor of Aquarius is Saturn and it is afflicted by Ketu and a weak Jupiter which is sandhi and gandanta is not helping it much, but that is all happening in the 11th house of gains and is a better placement than for Europe or China or Russia.

The Ascendant Shifts to Gemini for Brussels with the New Moon at 10:51 a.m.
To London to 4.51 Gemini for the New Moon 9:51 a.m.
For the Middle East, the Ascendant Shifts to: Gemini Rising/ Punarvasu for Israel and for Ankara Turkey

The ruler for the Year for Europe, China, Russia and the Middle East is more problematic as it becomes Saturn because the new Moon is happening after Sunrise. Saturn is very afflicted by Ketu between the 1st and 7th house suggesting tensions around EU rules which have already been in crisis. But one would think that a major theme of the year for Europe will be a number of countries on the edge like Hungary, Italy and France wanting to leave the EU and break away from Brussels’ strangling rules and taxes and follow Britain’s lead. Hard to see a post Brexit outcome being easy but some hope for the future of the UK with the ruler of Gemini, Mercury placed with Venus in the 9th house. The Brexit exit is due to take effect at the end of March and warrants a discussion elsewhere.

Saturn is connected to the masses, upheavals and strikes and we have recently seen the French version of the Arab spring which will spread across Europe as Saturn represents the people will rise up against taxation (Pluto) and excessive rules. The eclipses in the Sagittarius/ Gemini axis will stir up religious and racial tensions as well as political upheaval for all of those counties.

The Rahu/Ketu axis for these will lead to facing war tensions with enemies and battle over territory. Mercury, the chart lord, is at least in the 9th house with Venus creating some movement toward peace and stability but the transits of Mars/Saturn and Rahu/Ketu on the 1/7 axis in May and June will create great tensions. Jupiter is weak in the 7th house not providing support on the year for resolving tensions and until Saturn goes into Capricorn in January 2020, one has to think that Europe will be a huge battleground with political and racial unrest particularly because Sagittarius is such a belief and religious orientated sign where Saturn and Ketu are stirring the pot of unrest and then Mars and Rahu in transit in early June will lead to massive upheaval.

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