The South Node of the Moon, Ketu is at the same degree as Pluto in the very positive sign of Sagittarius for both of them at about 28 degrees. They remain within 1 degree of each other until about April 15th in the mean node system and are exact in the true node system into April 5th and within a 1 degree orb in the true node system until April 12th .  The last time they were together was August 1, 2002 exactly  in the sign of Scorpio where they both have dignity and power.

The problem with Ketu this year is that it too close to Saturn so more of its negative qualities come up. This can push it toward wanting to change directions in life and wanting to give up material attachment and being depressed and creating disillusionment about one’s life.  It can make one unsettled about the material world and pushes one toward spirituality. But it also creates complicated emotional knots and distortions and a sense of isolation.  I am noticing when talking to people that I hear lot about  change or leaving one’s job, relationship and divorce breaks, moving and or complicated emotional knots that are difficult to get a handle on.  If you are ruled by Ketu like Scorpio rising or have the nodes in your natal chart in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis or are Gemini or Sagittarius rising, or if you have key planets in the 28-29 degree area of Sagittarius,  you may be most impacted strongly  by the Saturn/Ketu/Pluto conjunction.  If you are in a Saturn/Ketu or Ketu/Saturn period, huge changes are up for you.

Ketu shares a lot of common qualities with Pluto as they are both are connected to Scorpio and deep psychological introspection.  Ketu may force us to relive the past in connection with the house that is connected to Sagittarius in your chart so if Sagittarius is the 2nd house, it may bring up deep regrets or karmic issues around family, food or finances that require deep healing. It can bring up a deep catharsis is life to force you to move and transform past life and the past and move into a new realm in regard to these issues.

On the dark side, Ketu/Pluto connections may   promote sudden chaos in one’ life, power trips, political instability.   During the summer of  2002, there were major political events and changes in small countries in Africa.  The  the current fight in Venezuela between the two potential Presidents and the huge protest rally scheduled for Saturday, April 6th there is no accident in the stars.    Sometimes this aspect can lead to catastrophic falls from power.  The current Joe Biden scandal where someone appears to want to discredit the top-running candidate before he even starts his campaign is an ugly example of this energy.   John F. Kennedy has a Pluto/Ketu conjunction within 9 degrees in his 10th house in the debilitated sign of Gemini at 19 degrees Gemini and transiting Rahu at 20 degrees Gemini hit his natal Ketu at 19 degrees cutting short his career.    Indira Gandhi had this placement in her 12th house in Gemini at 11 and 13 degrees Gemini and she was assassinated in 1984 when Rahu was transiting through Taurus.

The bottom-line is that there is a lot of emotional grunge up for healing the past and it requires huge energy and transformative ability  to create a new life for Sagittarius/Gemini and Scorpio rising and moon signs and it is not something that can easily be done.   Durga and Ganesh chanting this year on a regular basis can give you the extra energy to get through these huge changes and deep psychological healing and transformation is needed.  Many of us will turn to addictive patterns watching television or over-eating to deal with the energy while the general populace will numb out in darker ways.

Use the spiritual energies of Ketu and Saturn to take more time for meditation, start a new spiritual practice and change your life in a more positive way. If you need help with chart, consider a reading by clicking the consultation tab on our website at

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Ketu is connected to past karma in Vedic astrology and often creates a rigid structure that needs to loosen up.

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