When we first learn Vedic astrology we are taught that money from work, 2nd from the 10th house is how we earn our income.  As we do more advanced studies and we go deeper we find out that we have to look elsewhere.

Income should be looked at as follows:

  • Real gain of money/income comes from 11th from Arudha Lagna.
  • 11th from the Moon shows sources of wealth and money so the answer to how you will earn money is connected to the 11th from the moon.

Money is more complex than we might imagine and the source of money is often connected even to the ruler of the time window in which we are born.  For example, if Sunrise is 6 am, the the first hour after sunrise is ruled by Mercury and so if we were born between 6-7 am, then Mercury would be an important source of our wealth and we would have to look to where Mercury is placed in the chart.  (We cover this in detail in a our Personal Financial Astrology Course– as it is more complicated than we can explain in an article)

But the Moon chart is important for income so the 11th sign from the moon becomes an important source of income. Let’s say you have Jupiter in the 11th in Taurus from your natal moon, then the source of your income should be connected to teaching and counseling and coaching and because Taurus is a more material sign of the zodiac, it may be connected to financial counseling or nutritional counseling since the natural 2nd sign of the zodiac is connected to food.

The Arudha lagna is also connected to the moon and it is how people see us and it is a very real thing as perception increases status and wealth.  So in my chart, my rising sign is Scorpio but my Arudha lagna is Capricorn with Venus in the 1st so people see me as a friendly businessman good in networking and that is very true.   The 11th from the Arudha lagna, the sign that is involved  and the planets in the 11th will tell you more information about how you earn your income.   So if you have Venus in Libra in the 11th from your Arudha lagna, you may earn your income from fashion, music, the beauty industry or business consulting.

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