Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

William Butler Yeats– The Second Coming. (1920)

The past few weeks have reminded me of one my favorite Irish poets, Yeats.  I do not like to predict challenging events or put attention on them  but Saturn/Ketu can bring out  pessimism and the recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka and the Notre Dame fire are the kinds of things that Saturn/Ketu can bring up.  I am afraid more is coming. In 2007 with Saturn/Ketu in Leo (a fire sign) we had massive forest fires in California and in 1871 with Ketu/Saturn in Sagittarius, the great Chicago fire  broke out but it was only 1 of 4 major fires in the Midwest that left many homeless.  There is always a silver lining in tragedy as Siva has to destroy the old in order to eventually create something better.  We have to be open to change and sometimes the old is torn down to resurrect the new.

The weekly protests in France by the Yellow jackets are not going to go away nor are the socialist protestors and socialist political candidates.  Saturn can bring out deep democratic uprising of the people, strikes and movement toward social equality.  Ketu afflicting Saturn distorts it and there is some absurdity in some of the proposals from a practical economic point of view but they mean well and less money spent on war and the military and put into the US infrastructure would be a good thing.

Saturn has a lot to do with infrastructure and Ketu creates unexpected events–sometimes electrical or fire-orientated and Mercury has been weak in Pisces and it also has a lot to do with electrical occurrences.

Saturn/Ketu also marked the top of the stock market in Oct. 2007 and was followed by a secondary high in early 2008 and lower action into 2009.  Stocks often top out seasonally in May and turn down into late June and given the Saturn/Ketu/Mars/Rahu opposition into mid-June, we have to think that a correction is going to start very soon with Jupiter trining Venus and the Sun and the Moon both exalted into May 7th.

In the last week with Saturn slowing down and being closer to Ketu I have had to have the wheel-bearings on my front axle replaced, my vegetable steamer of 4 years just quit working, my front door is flying open and not catching, my stove needs to be replaced because it is shooting flames,  the hardware holding the rod up in wife’s closet just broke off and all her clothes fell and the heat was not working in my office.   I luckily can laugh at all of this with Jupiter dispositing Saturn and Ketu but I have to think that one of the negative side  effects of Saturn /Ketu is things falling apart and it remind me of Yeats.  It reminds us not to get too serious about life.  Stuff happens and we have to just roll with it and find our center and move on.   As things heat up into June, I hope that you will turn to spiritual practice to find a new center and ground-yourself and center yourself from an ever-changing world.  I suspect that Jupiter in Sagittarius  starting Nov. 2019 and Saturn in Capricorn starting January 2020 will center the world more but more chaos is likely this year.  Everything is changing and somewhere, God has a plan.

There is an old Arab saying, “Pray to Allah and tie your camel.”   We are taken care of but make sure to check for fire hazards, stay on top of vehicle and home inspections and laugh when something breaks.  The world is ever-changing. God has a plan.

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