Mars moved into the constellation of Orion, the warrior of the winter sky on April 27-May 17th.  (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40). Mrigishira is formed by three faint stars at the head of the constellation of Orion. The constellation is very spiritual and promotes moksha and spiritual liberation and inspires people to study religion and philosophy. The shakti of Mrigishira is the “power to give fulfillment” so a good time to rub your genie’s lamp and ask for a boon.

Mars will stay in Taurus into May 6th and then move into Gemini,  an enemy’s constellation when verbal fighting can break out so push that need to debate and be right to a Toastmaster’s meeting.  It throws a sneaky 8th house aspect to Saturn exactly into May 1st which may be felt most on Saturday, May 4th and this can increase Saturn’s stressed and tense energy and create indecision.  Mars is officially in Gemini staring on May 6th and it is one of the rockier transits of the year as it moves toward conjunction with Rahu within 5 degrees June 8-June 22nd increasing aggressive energies and love of adventure but also opposing Saturn/Ketu tightly into the middle of June. The last time we had that configuration in Nov. 1962 on the Capricorn/Cancer axis we had the Cuban missile crisis. Luckily it is happening in the constellation of Purnavasu the universal mother and Jupiter’s influence will help and even Mercury in Gemini June 1-19th will make sure no one upsets its territory.  Still there will be more tension in the  air and we will write more about this as we reach June.

Mars is very strong in its own constellation, but it’s pure quality may support more of a passive attitude to let things happen rather than give the traditional fire power of Mars to plunge through challenges. The 1st pada (Taurus 23.20-26.40) is owned by Leo and supports creative and artistic action and with the Sun in Taurus and Venus still exalted, the energy for creating great art, pottery, sculpture is strong. This section is most connected to the Warrior so a good time for social action causes the 2nd pada (Taurus 26.40-30.0) is owned by Virgo which brings out the strategic, satirical and humorous side of the constellation and this ends by May 6th when Mars goes into Gemini.  This 2nd part of the transit will promote deep philosophical and spiritual inquiries so is a good time for a spiritual knowledge course. We will discuss the second part of the transit later in the month when we talk about Mars in Gemini.

Life is always a coexistence of opposites as the deer symbol brings out the timid, light and fragile wandering qualities of this constellation which seem opposed to the warrior nature of Mars. But in this sense, the greatest spiritual warrior heroes of the Ramayana and Gita, Hanuman and Arjuna, embody the constellation’s deep quest for liberation and getting to the truth of the matter. If your Sun, Moon or rising sign is in this constellation, it gives you a deep yearning for something greater in your life.  The deity of the constellation is Soma, connected to the Moon and the life and vital subtle forces that are created to manifest the physiological components of enlightenment.

Mars is strong in the sky at the end of the transit toward May 1-6 as it is aspected by Jupiter bringing out the highest qualities of this transit and even the Sun in Taurus will not impact it negatively and combustion for Mars does not start until July 11th and goes until October 22nd this summer in Gemini, Cancer and Leo and Virgo and we will write about that later and it is always problematic.

For now, enjoy the quest for Truth and something higher in this very pure constellation and my favorite of all, Orion, the spiritual warrior. Special thanks to our cover photo of Orion to Akira Fujj of 

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