Did you make it through the weekend? Saturdays are tough every week now until the fall as the ruler of the day, Saturn  is retrograde until Sept 18th and conjunct Ketu closely through early October and it creates fatigue, stress, hard work, and deep emotional grunge.  Make sure to get extra rest every Saturday and not over-plan as the energy is not there for expanding and doing too much.   You can combat it with extra meditation, chanting  to Durga and Ganesh to get through the energy and it can be a very transformative time. Next Saturn, June 1st may be a bit harder with Mercury on the edge of two signs as it moves into Gemini and we are moving close to the New Moon in Taurus on June 3rd.

There are some subtle positives for the week of May 27-31st.  The Sun moved into Rohini nakshatra and  is exalted in the D-9 chart in Aries allowing strong movement and leadership and organization abilities for a few more days into May 29th. It is also vargottama in Taurus Navamsha May 29-31st continuing its powers.  Leo rising will feel this most with a 10th house transit that has extra strength and status and power for achievement.  Jupiter in Taurus is blessing the Sun also with a full 7th house aspect complete into June 10th.  Good to find a bright spot in the sky.

The Moon is waning into June 3rd with a new moon in Taurus then.  This has to be one of the better new moons of the year with the Jupiter aspect and the placement in Rohini where devotional energies are powerful and the moon gets uplifted by Venus’s energy.  Rohini is connected to Krishna and can be a powerful place.   Still new moon days centered around June 2-3 are fraught with emotional difficulty and low emotional energy and require extra rest and meditation to balance them out. Still this is one of the better ones on June 3rd with the Jupiter exact into the evening of June 3rd.   Still the waning moon phase is always a bit low in energy and emotional heart can feel a bit pinched. End of Part 1


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The elephant in the room of course is Mars which continues to suffer in Ardra nakshatra until June 7th (Gemini 6.40-20) where the tears of the warrior can emerge with deeper emotional suffering and trials and tribulations.  Mars continues to move more toward Rahu into the weekend of June 14-16th and get opposed by Saturn/Ketu  so there is a huge tug of war between wanting to over-accomplish and being too ambitious in activity and at the same time Saturn is trying to slow it down creating frustration and anger when things take too long.  Mantra for the month is “patience.”  It will get done. This energy peaks into mid-June and a conjunction with Mercury  into June 18-19th will be problematic for potential accidents if you are running a Mars/Mercury period or Mercury/Mars period and are ruled by Mars (Scorpio/Aries) or Mercury (Gemini/Virgo) or Capricorn or Cancer or Scorpio because of 6, 8th and 12th house associations.  Alertness and one-pointed focus can prevent them.    Remember Mars is a bit reckless with the out of bounds energy  (high in declination until June 21st) and can be more wild and reckless so watch out for the other guy on the road, stay alert and do not multi-task while driving.   While the peak of this energy is into June 18-19th,  still with Mercury going into Gemini on June 1st, there will be a connection as Mercury  moves into Mars’s constellation of Orion (Mrigashira/Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.20) between May 29-June 5th.  This can also lead to increasing verbal arguments and fights so stop the car and duke it but do not do it while driving as arguments can lead to accidents of pent of anger is not released.   Good to practice being extra alert now as the energy will build into the middle of the month and Mars and Mercury stay close together until mid-July as Mercury will retrograde in Cancer and go back toward Mars.

We have written so much about the Mars/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu influences peaking into June 14-16th so please see our other articles as I wanted to focus on other planets and their movements.

Mercury is opposed by Jupiter into Thursday May 30th with max. impact being felt into Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  The positive side of this aspect is that it  may increase power in writing and speech and learning.  The downside is that the two planets are not fond of each other and dual signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces) may have an increase in relationship tensions as  those  planets own the   1st and 7th houses for those planets.  Pisces has to accept the practical side of Mercury and Virgo and Virgo has to accept the spiritual and fantasy and lack of grounding energy of Pisces to get through this archetypal conflict.  Sag. and Gemini are usually at battle over higher spiritual and religious values vs lower need for primal sexual connections. If you are a dual sign, you may feel the tension more later this week.

Venus continues in Aries until June 4th and this is tougher for Taurus rising with more expenditures and stronger sexual energies while Libra rising will crave more attention from their partners and may be frustrated if it cannot manifest.  Venus is in Bharani nakshatra until June 1st where sexual energies are strong but that energy can be put to good use with increased artistic creativity so pick up your drawing pad or paint set.  Venus moves into Krittika nakshatra June 1-12th  (the Pleiades, Aries 26.40-Taurus 10.00) on June 1st where it has to watch its  sharp and biting and critical nature and not impose it on its partner.  Still the move into Taurus on June 4th will be welcome for comfort and material prosperity with even some extravagant spending as Venus moves toward opposition with Jupiter exactly into June 23rd.

So all and all, a very mixed week but some brighter spots for Leo rising and Libras.  Capricorns and Sagittarius rising continue to have the most difficult challenges along with Scorpio rising.   Pisces do well with Jupiter retrograde and transiting their 9th house and increasing spiritual energies and joy in foreign travel .  Virgos are still doing better this week with the 9th house transit of Mercury in the friendly sign of Taurus but that will shift by June 1st.    Have a great week.


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