Mars transits into one of my favorite constellations Punarvasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) on June 6th know by Western astronomers as Castor and Pollux.    Punarvasu means “the return of the light” and has the divine ability to bring spiritual light into darkness and it  reflects purity, satya (truth) and strong moral values.It’s shakti or power is “the ability to gain wealth or abundance”. The main deity is Aditi, the Cosmic Mother, who bestows her creative abundance on all who seek her blessings. This lunar mansion is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the great benefic who is relatively happy in the sign of Scorpio. .

Mars finds strength and courage through this transit and connects with Jupiter by channeling Jupiter’s strong energy.  Jupiter is particularly strong now as retrograde benefices do better and it is not receiving any negative aspects except from Venus which is not a problem until late in the month.  Mars is moving toward deeper affliction as it moves toward conjunction with Rahu into June 12-14th and then gets hit by a Saturn opposition a few days later and then is conjunct Mercury into June 18th.    This is a mess for frustration, indecision and disputes but the underlying support of Jupiter’s constellation and the blessings of Aditi could allow positive outcomes eventually if your dasha period is supportive.

This constellation provides nourishment  and nurturing after the tough storms of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20.00).   It creates contentment and grounding energy but sometimes lacks foresight which leads to complications and adventures.   If you were born with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in this constellation, you have the qualities of a universal caregiver and are very generous.

The mythology is fascinating with Castor and Pollux with one brother naughty and cruel and the other one wise and generous.   Sometimes we have to fall in our face first with mistakes to gain wisdom in the future.  Events happen in pairs with this transit so if you fall, pick yourself up with new wisdom and move forward. The first half of the transit June 6-13th is probably more problematic than the 2nd half into June 28th.

The constellation is connected to the merchant caste and will support courage in business during its transit until late June.    Mars goes into Cancer  June 20th and the last 3 degrees of Gemini and first 3 degrees of Cancer are Pushkara which gives Mars extra creativity and energy to accomplish its goals. With all the extra attack energy from Saturn, Ketu and Rahu and Mercury, it will not be easy but ultimately with Herculean efforts, victory should come.


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