With Ketu in Sagittarius this year and closely conjunct Saturn into October, it is bringing up deep spiritual lessons to learn.  There are always blessings with these transits if we dig deeply to uncover their meaning.   With Mercury now with Rahu in Gemini it will provide a satvic support to soften some the blows of the intense Saturn/Ketu/Rahu/Mars opposition.  Luckily, Jupiter the dispositor for Saturn/Ketu is bringing  its deep spiritual wisdom to get us through our deep lessons. Maybe all the dire concerns about the world blowing up will be mitigated by the satvic planets of wisdom and knowledge.

From my Rahu and Ketu class this year, we are learning some of the major lessons of the nodes. To master Ketu,  Ketu periods,  or Ketu transiting key points of our chart we have to learn the following:

1) Ketu teaches us to be less rigid.   He is like a religious priest and zealot with its routines and rules from the past.  We need to loosen up. If we are too rigid about doing our spiritual practices so regularly and are not flexible in our lives, we lose the flexibility of being in the moment and enjoying the spontaneity that comes with living life.  I remember my spiritual teacher at a very early moment in my spiritual life reminding us that even through it was time to meditate and we were so used to doing it at 5 pm, that we should let go and enjoy our time with him and not get caught up with our routine.

2)  Ketu is often connected to past lives and to our past life talents and we may get a bit stuck in our ego of being good what we have learned from the past and have some ego pride and attachment there.  This may  may prevent us from moving onward in  this life-time and into the future and this incarnation which is represented by Rahu.  While we may not be as good or confident about this incarnation, we need to approach with a sense of adventure rather than doing things the old way.   We need to learn to do things differently.

3) Ketu has to accept the chaos of Rahu and Rahu has to accept the discpline of Ketu.   A little chaos creates flexibility.  I am reminded of a beautiful story from my Guru who said there are the people who like order and the people who hate rules and love chaos.   Rahu dominated people need to learn discipline in order to advance on the spiritual path  but Ketu dominated people need to be more flexible and accept chaos.

Anyone who visits India and experiences city life there knows how flexible the Indian   people are about accepting chaos.   The German people are often know for their orderly society and coherence in creating smooth running situations.  Send German people to India and you get a difficult incoherence and emotional upset.  The chaos and order of Rahu and Ketu teach us to integrate both aspects into our lives.

4) Ketu has avoid the mistakes of the past.  If Ketu is afflicted in your chart—and there is always some affliction somewhere—we have to learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Its like Bill Murray in the movie Ground Hog Day (1993). . Do we keep making the same mistakes and suffer or do we learn and do it better this time?

5) Ketu teaches us to be detached from things falling apart.   In our recent article about Ketu and things breaking, we noted that we need to develop an attitude of does not matter rather than get gripped and intense anger when our desires are thwarted and things do not go as planned.  This energy will be increasing greatly as we move into the June 14-18th climax of planetary oppositions.  End of Part 1


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Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, teaches deep spiritual lessons about  surrender.  To master Ketu,  Ketu periods,  or Ketu transiting key points of our chart we have to learn the about surrender and renunciation and usually this is around ego.

There are many types of ego and not just the boastful kind but not feeling good enough is a form of ego where we hold onto self-criticism and self-depreciation and it blocks us from moving forward in life.  There are other subtle forms of ego like that connected when Mars and Ketu are connected and we feel prideful in being the hero. If Ketu and the Sun are together we may take pride in doership and need recognition for doing something great rather than realizing that all is really done by the Divine and we are not the doer.

While Ganesh mantras are traditionally  done for Ketu, on some level, we cannot  offer something to Ketu because it  is about surrender.  When we have afflictions to Ketu in our chart it is about learning to surrender ego. The planet or sign connected to Ketu will reveal something about the type of ego surrender that we need to learn. Planets conjunct Ketu or associated  by sign (dispositor)  will be needed to practice the best surrender to get results in the spiritual world.

For example with Ketu in Sagittarius now into Sept. 2020 and then Ketu conjunct Jupiter next year between Nov. 2019-Sept. 2020, we need to learn to be kind to all beings and individuals and not to just select being.  For example our compassion toward immigrants is a huge world-wide issue now and is a major lesson for the planet, but we it does not mean we forget we should be kind and compassionate to the sovereign nationals being impacted by people entering their lands. The liberal media is pushing one side of the story and yet even the Governor of New Mexico who has been very liberal in the past is crying out for help with the massive border control problems that are impacting her economy and taxing her support systems and budget.    This situation is a huge problem in German and England now and yet we are often being shown only one side.    We need to be kind to all beings which include not only the displaced immigrants but also the people whose neighborhoods and cities and countries are being dramatically changed by the immigration crisis around the world.

Inevitable with Ketu/Jupiter connections, we need to be kind to all beings and open our Divine hear to others with compassion to all and we have to find humility for all.  The traditional Catholic organizations with their charity work connected to convents and monasteries seemed to have mastered this in the past.

SATURN/KETU:  Saturn governs farmers, the common people, worker and the poor and the elderly.  Ketu conjunct Saturn teaches that we have to respect these people, to surrender and honor these people.  In many cultures and especially ancient India, the elderly were always honored but in recent times and in many modern cultures, these values are being lost.

The revolt in France by the yellow jackets is a reminder that the upper classes are not honoring the workers and the Saturn/Ketu connection is going to create strikes and protests so that a balance can be restored.  Saturn separates and can create difference but a honoring of the humble farmer and the poor is very important lesson to learn in our society.  In the US with the flooding crisis, farmer’s are devastated and the recent 19 billion aid package is a way of honoring our farmers who we rely on to so much to produce our food and we forget them.  Saturn/Ketu is reminding us not let our ego get caught up in being better if we are of a higher class.  Even the humble peasant and farmer needs to loved and honored and supported.

Saturn/Ketu in Sagittarius also teaches us to not to get caught up into too many rules or being spiritually fanatical.  We must let go of our spiritual ego and learn that my religion and spiritual path are not better than another.  Ancient proverbs remind us that many paths lead to the center of the wheel and in our current world today, people are killing each other in the name of religion.    We must learn that all spiritual paths are valid including those of our Arab neighbors and unite in our common love of the Divine.  Mankind has a long-way to go in this respect but Saturn/Ketu in Sagittarius will at least help us wake-up and make a start in this direction.  Lets hope that terrorism can continue to replaced by acceptance of the diversity of God’s great religious mosaic.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton, Freedom Cole and Sanjay Rath who’s thinking and other books have spearheaded thoughts on creating this article and all glory to my spiritual Guru.


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