Its Friday ruled by Venus and she is moving into more complex territory over the next week which means relationships are going to be up and complicated.   Venus is still in the constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20.00) until June 15th where it tends to create emotional storms and will move into the more gentle constellation of Punarvasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20)  July 15-26th ruled by Jupiter and connected the generous earth mother Aditi.

Venus is now combust by the Sun , July 8-Sept 19th  which means it is not visible in the sky and hidden from view until Sept. 19th.  The combustion and tight orb is strong in August: August 1-August 27th within 3-4 degrees.   Technically in direct motion it is combust within 10 degrees.   Sun/Venus combustion can raise jealous issues so remember to praise others and appreciate others at this time and help them and applaud their success and good fortune. If you are ruled by Venus such as Taurus or Libra rising, it may decrease energy but move you toward spirituality.

Already Venus/ Sun connections could normally create strong passionate expression and artistic creative energies for artists but with the afflictions can lead to major relationship outbursts. If the sexual/creative energy is not allowed to express itself it can lead to major conflicts. Best outlet for frustrated energy would be to do some wild dancing, take a craft class, sing loudly with the radio turned up or go on a wild shopping spree or create a massive artistic dinner with friends that you are not likely to get into fights with.

In August, when the conjunction is really tight and exact on August 14th, it can  also lead to manipulative energy in relationships  and cause annoyances and friction and problems so remember to accept people with all their imperfections or you will likely be seething with anger.   Take care of your the reproductive organs as problems can happen during this transit.     If you are feeling friction, take a walk and get out the house rather than get into battle with your partner.


Venus also moves toward  to Rahu exactly in the true node system into July 19th and is within 3 degrees July 17-July 20th.    Venus, the planet of luxury, beauty and sensual pleasure, is friends with Rahu, the planet of desire. They are good friends and their conjunction into  July 19th  in the true  node system can increase sensual desire for sweets, sexual activity, shopping or going on a buying spree. The two planets in the true node system are in the expansive nakshatra of Punarvasu where they will increase desires for buying.

Be aware of this aspect because the tendency may be to over-eat too many sweets or not be satisfied by your partner–no matter how often they are there. It can also create overspending if you feel a lack from not getting enough sensual attention. Good balance and solution is to schedule a massage if Venus is not feeling complete rather than indulging in excessive shopping or eating too much chocolate. Better, yet, find other ways to love yourself rather than looking for it outside of yourself.

Venus/Rahu can also bring up fears (Rahu creates phobias) about losing your relationship. It may also lead to attracting a radical  or foreign partners who are  bucking societal norms. Over the next week, practice moderation with eating, shopping and sensual activity. Very easy for Venus to get blown out and create an imbalance. With Jupiter retrograde through August 11th, liver and pancreas are under-functioning and will not be able to deal with the overload of sugar or food.   The Plough pose helps regulate Venus and the twist will help liver and Pancreas function better. The dancer pose (below) also balances out Venus. Best yet, get out and get a tango lesson to take care of those passions in an unbridled way.



Venus is opposing Saturn on July 17th and has a tight 3 degree orb July 15-20th.  While the two are technically friends, Saturn can throw cold water and Venus’s fun nature and create and passionate energy and dampen its warmth and tenderness.

If you are ruled by Venus such as Taurus or Libra rising, you will feel a conflict between wanting to have fun and being responsible at work or in other duties.   You may resent not being able to go out and have fun but this is a short transit so just give it a few days.  It can bring up loneliness and self-pity so make sure you do some art or go out to eat with friends to avoid the energy even if you may not feel like it.  Singing is always helpful to break the emotional blocks.  If you are ruled by Saturn such as Capricorn or Aquarius rising, it will uplift our colder and somber nature.

During the next week, you may have difficulty with relationship if someone is truthful with you and you may not want to deal with who you real are.  Rather than lash out and defend, acknowledge your imperfections and work on improving your condition.  If you were born with Venus opposing Saturn in your natal chart with a tight 5 degree orb, you may be prone to challenging your competitors who are challenging your self-worth and you need to remember to pick yourself and applaud your talents.

You may have a history of emotional frustrations and delays in relationship and marriage and you may be too critical or picky in relationship and sometimes that which grows over time will be long-lasting as Venus and Saturn are friends and Saturn matures after 36 and can be more responsible in relationship.    Its ok if you postpone relationship and wait for the right and mature one.

The key with relationship is to say yes, take responsibility when you are wrong, stay out of fighting and see the mirror that is being held up when your partner pushes your buttons.




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