Those studying astrology know that every planet has a positive side and a negative sign  based on the level of affliction to the chart and its placement and dignity.  In previous articles   (SEE: )   we have discussed how the AK, the planet with the highest number of degrees in the chart is the planet governing this incarnation.  On some level it is King of the Chart as it is more important than the 1st house lord but it also brings in the lessons of the past and the 8th house and can bring deep soul lessons for this incarnation.  As Sanjay Rath notes, we sometimes have to bow to the King when he makes a decree of how it is to be and hence there is a surrender piece in soul lessons.

These soul lessons to manifest its issues during dasha or bhuki (sub-periods).  So if you have Saturn with the highest number of degrees in your chart, then Saturn periods and Saturn sub-periods will bring the deepest lessons of the soul.

Those lesson can be seen from its placement in the D-1 natal chart, the D-9 or Navamsha chart and special charts that rotate around the Atmakarka which have fancy names like Karakamsha Navamsha Chart and Karakamsha Rashi chart which reveal the soul’s talents, its karma in this life and how it integrates the soul’s purpose into the material world in this life time. Maharish Jaimini has blessed with understanding this deeper knowledge.

The dignity of the Atmakaraka in this  chart determines what degree of suffering that planet brings to this life-time—but there is always some.   The Atmakarka teaches the lessons that must learn the most. If your atmakaraka is debilitated and placed in difficult houses like the 6th, 8th or 12th, then the level of suffering it may bring will be much greater than if it is exalted or in its own sign or in positive houses like the 1st, 5th or 9th.     Still there are always some lessons and suffering that it bring as it represents the lessons that we must work out most in this life-time.  Always in Vedic astrology it is complicated.

The house that the AK is placed in the D1 or natal chart reveals our deepest issues and how they will manifest.   Put the AK in the 7th house and our deepest lesson will be about relationship and business partner.   If it is also Venus, then those lessons are more challenging and if Venus is in Virgo then that energy is amplified in terms of suffering around relationships  whereas if it is in Pisces, we may have a better chance of getting through those issues in this life-time and get more support for working them out .

Put the AK in the 12th house and there may be suffering from living abroad, deep expenditure and loss of status from being unnoticed or about blind spots and deep hidden patterns that we fail to see.  Put the AK in the 9th and it may cause deep suffering from one’s father or Guru or connections to religious institutions or higher education.

The point is that the Atmakakara represents those issues that we need to work on most in this incarnation and they may but not be easy ones but we are here to get them right. Its like Bill Murray and his relationship issue in Ground Hog Day (1993)  Can he evolve from a selfish and arrogant and ego-centered weatherman who does not care about anyone into a loving and compassionate man who is there to serve the community that he is trapped in?

Houses owned  by the AK will also show suffering.  So if your Saturn is your Atmakaraka for Scorpio Rising you may have major life-lessons for the 3rd and 4th house around siblings, mother, home and domestic life and they will not be easy.  The extent to which you can work them out may be determined by the dignity and placement by sign, benefic or malefic aspects to them and placement in the D9 and D60 charts.  Retrograde and combust energies will shed more light on the karma involved.

We are here to work on these issues the most and yet we can easily shun them because they may be difficult to have a break-through with and yet that is why we have incarnated.   Still, we  tend to move toward our talents and to do things that we shine on and not work on those areas where we fail and where are not good at.

People on a spiritual path may have worked out more of their AK issues  if there is a lot of dignity and strength for the AK but when the AK is severely afflicted, it may cause a life-time of suffering in that area.

The Karaka or signifier  values of the AK are very revealing of issues that need to be worked out.  So for example take Mercury which is the immature Prince when it comes to relationship and sexual intrigue and also it the signifier for friends.    If Mercury is the AK and conjunct Mars and in the 7th house in a difficult sign, then the person will not only have difficult sexual relationship and affair problems leading to major fights but may also need to learn basic lessons around being a friend.  I have an ex-friend (not by my choice) who has Mercury Atmakaraka and I have watched them  lose all  of their friends over the years and  they seem rather blind to how they show up in friendship. They quickly  break-off the friendship because of some small argument or something that is misunderstood or communicated and lack the  skill level to say they are sorry to accept responsibility.  Hence the signification of the Atmakarka like Mercury for friends and communication will reveal the lessons of this life rather quickly.


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•     If afflicted it can give a lack of order and organization, discipline, focus, clarity.

•     An empty battery and no power and will to rise in life.

•     Ego issues and issues with father  are strong.

•     May be overbearing boss at work.

The lesson is learning humility, over-coming pride and self-importance which means doing great service to humanity and less self-aggrandizement.

Moon as Atmakaraka

•     May give a weakness for married ladies

•     Instability

•     Anti-social instincts

•     Inability to handle emotions

•     Problems with home and family and married life

Leeson:  Needing  to learn the meaning of compassion and how to develop sensitivities and concerns for others. Understanding unhappiness.

Mars as Atmakarka

•     Mars: Needs to learn non-violence and not harming others as many Buddhist priests have Mars AK. Conceding defeat and patience.

•     Afflicted Mars may give laziness, negative thinking, weakness of the nerves and may lack energy and physical strength and may sleep a lot.

Mercury as Atmakarka

•     Mercury: Needs to learn to speak truthful and to communicate only those things which are meaningful and uplifting to others. Learning to face the truth and tolerating other’s spirituality.

•     If afflicted may create childish behavior, irresponsibility, inability to learn or focus; superficial mind;

•     Need to learn and grow and become responsible.

•     Need to watch their speech.

•     Learning lessons around friendship as they may not be capable of being true friends.

Jupiter as AK

Must assume the role of protector of others as parent or Guru and they need to learn to respect their own Guru and traditions.  They need to be teaching and not neglecting their duties. For women, accepting imperfect husbands and putting your children ahead of yourself.

•      If afflicted, may be prone to wrong judgment a strong ego and lack of faith and intolerance.

•      Have to overcome being too judgmental and being condescending.

•      They may give too much advice

•      Need to learn to listen, develop faith and tolerance.

•      May have issues with husbands (for women) or children.

•      Well-placed Jupiter with dignity will lessen problems.

Venus  AK

•     Venus:  They need to control their physical passions and excessive sensory desires or this leads to broken families or disease.  Accepting relationships the way they are;

•     If afflicted, the person may be a flirt, over-sexed, unable to relax and enjoy life.

•     Huge issues with love and marriage and children.

•     Well-placed and dignity will be great giver of love to others.

Saturn AK

•     Saturn: They need to learn how not to create pain or grief or sorrow for others. In past lifetimes they have transgressed over the freedoms and rights of others and now they have to share the sorrow of many others in this lifetime and support them. Facing the harsh truths of loneliness.

•     If afflicted, a grudging personality, sluggish.

•     Health issues and problems with eldest siblings.

•     Need to learn  hard to become hard-working

•     Have to never hurt others and not run away from sorrow.

RAHU AK (least number of degrees in the chart as it retrogrades)

•     Rahu:  The have to suffer as a result of the deception of others and may find themselves cheated or betrayed by others.  This requires them to be pure of heart and straight-forward in personal dealings.  Rahu needs to become come like Valmiki, the criminal who becomes the scribe of the Ramayana and then becomes a saint as a result.

•     Dealing with doubts and disappointments and fears.

•     When afflicted:  Rahu gives cheating and manipulative qualities and too much  ambition.

•     Could be confused, cloudy thinking.

•     Caught in cycle of cheating and being cheated.

I stand on the shoulders of many great teachers and special thanks to Sanjay Rath, Komilla Sutton and Zoran Radosavljevic and Robert Koch  and their talks and their books.     All glory to my Jyotish mentors. 

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