NOVEMBER 4, 2019- NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Sagittarius, the natural ninth sign of the zodiac, is a benevolent and expansive sign and Jupiter’s stay here will be welcome. We last saw Jupiter here in November 2007- early December 2008. Sagittarius is home to Jupiter so whatever house is connected to Sagittarius will go through an expansive phase in your life. Scorpios can experience growth in savings and finance while Pisces rising will get expansion in career and Gemini women may attract new men into their lives.

Sagittarius rising is one of the more interesting signs of the zodiac.  The ninth natural sign of the zodiac brings lessons around belief, dogma and blind faith.  The shakti of Sagittarius is that planets placed here show lessons around dogmas and  rules but will bring luck if they  follow our dharma and will bestow deep wisdom if we can follow our path and purpose.   The curse of Sagittarius is that it will create war and conflict in order to uphold its belief and fundamentalist values and the US being Sagittarius rising is a difficult example of this. Sagittarius has problems with Vishnu and Mercury so it has difficult with communications in relationship.

Jupiter does particularly well in Sagittarius and if you have this in your natal chart, it creates leadership, great humor, devotion, humanitarian and progressive qualities.  For the most part, it is unafflicted during most of its transit as Saturn leaves Sagittarius in mid-January 2020. In addition it is afflicted during the close conjunction with Ketu for about a month in late Dec into late January 2020

Jupiter in Sagittarius is fond of adventures and in new knowledge so it is a time to expand your spiritual horizons, take new classes, study astrology and go on an international adventure. Jupiter opposing Rahu, the North Node, will increase desires to study foreign languages and international cultures and venture to foreign countries so a good time for spiritual pilgrimages and adventures.  With Saturn’s restrictive energy leaving Sagittarius and Jupiter’s aspect to Rahu, maybe we will finally get less fear of foreigners and more acceptance and humanitarian support for them.  Progress for immigration could finally come to some resolution for at least a year as compassion may initially  overcome political jockeying.

The ninth house is connected to Higher Education so colleges may go through a final peak in their surge of popularity until Jupiter in Capricorn will dampen that energy and move tuition and idealism back to reality.

Jupiter will shine its gaze on Gemini for a year and this will increase progress in telecommunications and publishing and chances are an even fancier I-phone that can walk the dog and do the laundry will be released.  Jupiter aspecting the North Node, Rahu, into January 2020 will peak technological advancement with an adventurous spirit.

We may finally see a resolution to the fake news epidemic as moral and ethical behavior in journalism will benefit from from Jupiter in Sagittarius aspecting Gemini and this may provide relief from the plague on TV journalism which seems to sink to new lows everyday as rumor, innuendo and gossip dominate truth.   The trinal aspect to Leo and Aries will support growing popularity toward sports and athletic super-hero worship which will suddenly be crushed with peaks in absurd salaries as Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December 2020.

On an emotional level, Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our minds, accept the broader fabric of humanity and to develop our faith that things will work out. This is badly needed in an age where people seem ready to riot in the streets and this may happen in to 2019 with Saturn/Ketu. Saturn in Sagittarius has been constricting that energy and when Saturn leaves Sagittarius in January 2020 and Jupiter gets fully there without restriction, humanitarian values should grow.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will expand our sense of joy and hope and help us to search deeper for our true moral fiber so that we can restore faith and justice in the world.  The US is a Sagittarius rising country (July 4, 1776, 6:13 pm, Philadelphia) and as Jupiter goes over the US ascendant in December 2019, the US should have a rebirth of status and image and a restoring of our place in the world. Until then, with Jupiter in Scorpio, it is still mired in a twelfth house transit and caught in the murky waters of the swamp.  Maybe truth and justice will be restored to the US infrastructure with this transit.

Jupiter is extravagant by nature so keep your credit cards at home when those sales emerge and remember moderation and avoid reckless spending.  2020 should be good for economic expansion but it could bring inflation.  Jupiter will support generosity so use the energy to do more service work and contribute to more charities.

The Galactic Center at 3 degrees Sagittarius supports truth and whistleblowers so expect that November and December 2019, when Jupiter is conjunct this key area that major revelations around corruption will be exposed and be very clear to the public.

Sagittarius is connected to hips and Gemini to lungs. Saturn in Sagittarius has been hurting these areas for many and Jupiter to the rescue in 2020 will be supportive and finally Saturn in Capricorn will bring relief to all the growing knee problems.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will support teaching and counseling and maybe our abused and underpaid educational system will finally get a lift in salaries and infusion of finance after years of crises.  Time Magazine’s recent cover story about teachers working 3 jobs to make ends meet underscores our abuse of teachers and Jupiter in Sagittarius aspecting Gemini may bring some relief for a year.

It’s hard to get too depressed by Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn moving into its own sign of Capricorn. It seems that many of 2019’s problems around helping immigration and be more humane have to be supported with this transit and there seems hope here and this energy will help counter the mess that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be creating in January 2020.  We just need to get through  the next few months of 2019.



Barry Rosen



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