Its Sunday and getting closer to the Saturn station on Sept 18th  and Saturn is slowing down to a crawl like a steamship getting ready to turn around in the vast ocean as it gets ready to go direct .  It will stay in the 3 degree area of Sagittarius for a long time over the next 3 months in the 19-21 degree area as it takes a long time to  reverse course.  The good news is that direct malefics like Saturn are less problematic than retrograde ones  but it still within 3 degrees of Ketu. By mid-October we should get some relief from Saturn intensity but if you key planets in the 19-21 degree zone of Sagittarius or Gemini or Virgo of Aquarius, they will be impacted slowly and in a long way.

Anxiety is up in the world with the hitting of the Saudi production facility knocking out 5 % of the world’s crude production and markets will go crazy.   Rahu is in Ardra and likes to stir up these kind of events and we had 9/11 with Rahu in Ardra 18 years ago.

If you are are ruled by Saturn such as Capricorn or Aquarius rising or have Saturn Atmakaraka (planet with the highest degrees) or have your asendent  or moon  in Purva Ashadha  Nakshatra (Sag 13.20-26.40), you may be feeling the energy most.  For some of you ruled by Saturn, you may feel more grounded and solid and powerful with the Saturn station.   Ketu is not helping that situation so slow down and do not run around like rabbit.

I am finding myself cleaning closets, wanting to tear apart my office and refile everything and feeling very unsettled with a deep sense of unconscious fear that is churning.    Use this energy to make the changes you need to make to clean those old piles up and to throw out the old and prepare for a new life by hearing the call of Saturn.   If you are Capricorn rising or Aquarius Rising of this energy will seem most intense. Also if you are running a Saturn period on the 1st or 2nd levels.  Slow down and stay calm.

Go deep into the fear and recognize the illusion of it. You are safe and secure and no one or nothing can harm you. 99% of that which we fear never happens.  Remember this. You are safe and protected.

Stay on top of this wild energy the next 3 weeks by doing our yoga and meditation and drinking calming herbal teas.  Stay calm and centered.   Become Capricorn the mountain, solid, unshakable and soar high like the eagle into great freedom.  The world around you may seem to be moving too quickly  and giving you a sense of  wild emotional churning  that will explode but trust that God has a plan. Saturn governs work for everyone and it slowing down and going direct and may finally create some resolution in situations at work and finally taking action to make big changes there.   But  if you are not clear about what is happening, then it causes frustration and irritation from the delays.

Saturn being powerful will increase criticism and being picky so avoid being a perfectionist or you will drive yourself and others crazy.   Realize the imperfection of the changing world and accept the world and its flaws.

Saturn loves exercise, meditation, yoga and discipline and hard-work so if you are not rising up to the occasion in any of these areas, stress and fatigue build up and anxiety can increase.  Remember that Saturn is like a good high-school coaching pushing you to your best and ultimately he will great things if you rise to the occasion.

  If we fail to answer Saturn’s call, we may feel victimized or suffer but if we rise up with hard work and face our challenges, Saturn will help us ride the waves into a richer and more powerful life.  Answer the call and Saturn in Sagittarius will take you to new realms of Divine realization around your highest purpose.

All gratitude to my Jyotish Gurus and my spiritual gurus for their continued light and guidance.

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Om Tat Sat.

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